Republican Governor Moves Ahead to Protect Parents Rights

Virginia’s Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin is leading the nationwide effort to protect parents’ rights in the education of their children.

As the far-left radicals try to brainwash children under highly engineered classrooms, Youngkin vowed to protect Virginian parents’ rights before the start of the new school year.

Youngkin Comes Forward to Save Children

On Wednesday, Governor Youngkin hosted a “Back to School” rally, encouraging parents and students to denounce the radical educational policies that seek no involvement of parents in the education of their children.

The rally was arranged to campaign for the upcoming midterm elections.

Three congressional hopefuls of the Republican Party from Virginia also participated in the rally, but Youngkin did not directly mention the elections.

Instead, he focused on the parents’ rights issue, which helped him in winning the 2021 gubernatorial elections in the Commonwealth.

Speaking to the massive crowd of the rally in Annandale, Virginia, Youngkin slammed the previous liberal administration of the state.

According to the governor, former leftist governments of the state snatched the rights of parents, who were even unable to determine what their children were being taught in classrooms.

As many parents protested against the liberal policies of the previous administrations, this means parents want to participate in the education of their children, Youngkin added.

Furthermore, Youngkin also highlighted his legislative success, including Senate Bill 656. This suggests parents will have the authority to ask schools to change the curriculum if the study material is sexually explicit.

However, Youngkin argued even though the state of Virginia made significant progress in safeguarding children from the far-left agenda, this does not mean the fight against the radical school boards and districts is over.

Similarly, Youngkin also argued parents should be able to decide whether their children wear a mask in classrooms or not.

Woke Education System of Virginia to End

In his concluding remarks, Youngkin stated school boards do not want children to discuss the most important topics with their parents.

This includes the pronouns they want to use and the gender identity they want to pursue in life, which is disturbing for all the parents.

This rally came amid the heightened tensions in Virginia public schools, where sex-related controversies frequently erupt.

In July, Fairfax County schools were found to have employed a convicted sex offender for months before he was eventually fired after backlash from the parents.

Likewise, one teenager was found guilty of molesting multiple children in Loudoun County schools earlier this year.

Introducing a conservative set of policies in Virginia public schools was one of the most important campaign pledges of Youngkin during his gubernatorial campaign.

After winning the governorship in November last year against Democratic nominee Terry McAuliffe, Youngkin asserted parents helped him in winning the elections, so he would ensure their rights regarding their children are protected in the state.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.