Republican Elected Official Opposes Biden Administration’s Use of Pride Flag Over VA Building

Rep. Mike Ezell (R-MI) publicly voiced his opposition to the Biden administration’s decision to have a Pride flag fly over the Veteran Affairs facility in Biloxi, Mississippi. 


On June 2, 2023, Ezell sent a letter to Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Denis McDonough, urging him to take down the Pride flag from Biloxi’s VA facility. 

Mississippi Congressman Challenges Biden Administration’s Radical LGBT Agenda

In the letter, Ezell stressed while he believes all individuals should be treated with respect, he is uncomfortable with any flag being flown over a VA facility that advocates for social policy positions or political declarations.

The Pride flag remains a contentious symbol for many individuals and political figures on the American Right, which spurred the likes of Ezell to resist this latest move. 

Additionally, Ezell sent the letter to Stephanie Repasky, who is the interim director of the Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System.

Ezell emphasized how VA facilities should solely be focused on serving veterans by providing high-quality care to them, instead of delving into the unrelated field of political advocacy. 

He added that VA facilities should not be used as launch pads to promote social or political agendas. Plus, he believes only the POW/MIA and US military flags should be flown or shown next to the American flag.

Will the Biden Administration Remove Pride Flags? 

In his concluding remark, the Mississippi Congressman called for the Pride flag and other flags that promote social policy positions or political statements to be taken down. 

Recently, the Biden administration made similar announcements of flying the Pride flag over the main facilities of Health and Human Services and Commerce, in addition to FEMA.

McDonough did so in 2022 as well, when he ordered the raising of the Pride flag above the VA headquarters in Washington. He granted all VA facilities the power to do so as well.