Republican Candidate in Arizona Gets Busted Doing Disgusting Thing at Preschool

What is it with politicians and perversion? A Republican candidate in Arizona recently cut his run short after being busted doing an absolutely sickening thing outside a preschool.

The individual, who is named Randy Kaufman, had been running to be on the board of a college in Arizona as a Republican. However, he was caught on October 4 near the preschool attached to a college doing unspeakable things.

What Was Kaufman Doing?

Specifically, Kaufman was outside a preschool masturbating. He’d lowered his pants and was touching himself right outside the childcare center while parked in his truck. A number of kids were outside in the play area.

A police officer who found Kaufman doing this was shocked and disgusted. Kaufman claimed he was “sorry” and it didn’t mean anything, but was just a way to let off some “stress.”

According to Kaufman’s statement to the officer at the time, he’d been out shopping for construction materials when he’d felt really stressed and decided to park and just rub one out.

He told the cop he didn’t realize he’d been so close to the preschool and had been watching pornography on his phone.

As the news broke about his disgusting act, he suspended his run for the college board for Maricopa County; although he’s technically still on the ballot.

‘I F—ed Up’

Kaufman kept saying he knew he’d “f–ked up” to the police officer, but claimed it didn’t have to do with trying to show his dick to kids.

However, the cop said his penis was fully visible to those in the area and clearly didn’t believe what he was saying.

Kaufman’s campaign is on ice, but he’s still on the ballot, as I noted. He didn’t talk much about why he’d cut short the campaign, but claimed he will still stand up for the “values” that represent the nation.

Whatever “values” those might be, they’re certainly not the values of jerking off in your truck next to a preschool. This guy has been charged with sexual impropriety in a public location, but felony charges might go against him as well, due to how close he was to the preschool.

Frankly, this deserves to be gone through in a court of law and fully examined. This guy reportedly tried to get his way out of the arrest by saying he knew another security officer who works in the college-preschool complex.

He needs to explain exactly what was going on and appear before the public in court.

The Ugly Truth

Whatever Kaufman’s intentions were, this looks a lot like a child predator.

The Republican Party cannot uphold the image of being a party of family values and conservatism if it allows people like this to remain in its ranks.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.