Race Activists Under Fire For Controversial Antics on Dr. Phil Show

In America today, the nation is perhaps more divided than it’s ever been. Much of this division boils down to differences in political and social views. However, some Americans have warned that today’s division is intentional and by design.

Right now, polls show growing numbers of people believe that folks with opposite views on political and social issues are dangerous. Polls have likewise demonstrated how many Americans believe a civil war could potentially be coming later down the line.

As divisions skyrocket in America, a recent episode of the Dr. Phil show has only added to the problem, as reported by New York Post.

Fanning the Flames

Saira Rao and Regina Jackson, both founders of the politically charged Race2Dinners organization, recently sat down for an episode on the Dr. Phil show.

During this time, Rao and Jackson spoke at length about their views on white women, tears, and “Karens.” According to the duo, it is their view that white women cry during difficult conversations in order to change the narrative.

The pair were deeply critical of “white woman tears” during their time on air. They also alleged to have engaged in dinners with white women who later cried when subjects of racism were brought up.

When Dr. Phil challenged the pair, saying they were mocking tears, the race activists alleged that a no-crying rule exists when they have dinner with white women. Rao and Jackson then claimed that crying changes the narrative from talks about racism.

Footage was also shown during this Dr. Phil episode. In the footage, Rao and Jackson were seen saying they expect “nothing” of white women, can’t trust white women, and want white women to “deconstruct [their] privilege.”

Rao specifically has also alleged that Republicans are Nazis and described “whiteness” as “terrorism.”

Part of the Problem

As many Americans have pointed out, demonizing one group of people as an evil collective isn’t ending racism or division. If anything, it’s increasing animosity directed toward individuals based on the color of their skin.

Furthermore, Rao and Jackson have been accused online of “grifting” and calling any and everything racism for the sake of making money.

Since getting backlash for their appearance on Dr. Phil, Rao’s taken to Twitter to lash out against the “white media” and the “racism” she says exists within white women.

At this point, it is clear neither Rao nor Jackson is going to listen to any sort of feedback that doesn’t fit into their worldview. However, this duo is not changing any minds, nor are they fighting the racism and discrimination they allege to despise.

What do you think about the controversy that race activists Saira Rao and Regina Jackson are facing for their statements and behavior on Dr. Phil? Feel free to sound off in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.