Quick Action On The Awaited TikTok Deal, States Trump

Photo Illustration by Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images

Security at stake. US President, Donald Trump, earlier signed an executive order against the Chinese company ownership of We-Chat and TikTok.

“Just know we are not going to do anything to jeopardize security,” assures Trump.

Ensuring the security of the US and its people, he reinstates the undertaking of the deal will be quick.

The President addresses security vulnerabilities of TikTok

Before the November election, both parties are playing catch up, trying to rally their voter base. This has led to a series of strong decisions by both candidates to please their voters. While Democratic Joe Biden has focused on attacking the right on its handling of coronavirus, Donald Trump has been very busy on Twitter over a varied collection of objectives. The TikTok problem is one of the top few issues that are instilling the unrest in the country.

The app has had a problematic reputation ever since it was launched. It has been exploiting under-aged kids for content and has very little oversight on what can be considered acceptable in the app.

Now that Trump has taken a strong stance on the issue, it has pleased a great section of his voters who were concerned about the security vulnerabilities of the app. American data should never have exchanged hands. The current measures adopted by him will ensure that the US citizens are secure from Chinese exploitation as this immensely popular app is being used by a vast majority of the country.

TikTok acquisition is possible

Last month, Trump demanded the parent company ByteDance to give up TikTok by either shutting it down or selling it within 90 days. He opposed the former deal struck by Oracle and Byte-Dance. Although Oracle would be the data and security handler, ByteDance would have the upper hand in the matter of ownership.

However, ByteDance has claimed its lack of involvement in any selling of data to China. Trump demanded only a hundred percent American ownership of the application, nothing less. As it is the question of the state’s sovereignty and security, no inadequacy will be accepted.

Very recently, he communicated it to the media that major companies, arguably Walmart, Microsoft, Oracle, and so on, have shown interest and that a deal “may come shortly.” A source from the New York Times opens up about TikTok approaching Instagram’s co-founder Kevin Systrom to strike a deal, positioning him as the CEO of TikTok.

Trump is not against it, as long as the main requirement is ticked off – major shares cannot be under ByteDance. This deal, however, has more supporters, including the Treasury, Commerce secretaries, and Attorney General Barr.

Many have publicly voiced their threat to national security against China. Countries are in the course of banning Chinese apps and products. Trump is showing determinant commitment on the questions of national security.

“Maybe we can keep many people happy but have the security we need,” Trump told the reporters.

A transfer of ownership can be foreseen as the means of avoiding the disappointment of people from a complete ban and keeping the security intact. He is seen to be optimistic about the awaited TikTok deal as the progression is and will be steady and smooth. He has promised that a resolution is imminent, and the American people will be very satisfied with the outcome.

“We have some great options,” guarantees Trump. Once he has the needed complete insight on TikTok, he will move forward to the viable “great” options and verify them and their offers. And the proceedings will be “very, very quick.” Trump doesn’t deny the importance of Oracle in the technology industry, and his only dissatisfaction is with stake-holding. A source has informed that it is possible, Trump will sign off on the TikTok deal with a co-ownership of Oracle and Walmart, adding a 20% ownership stake of Walmart. The data shall not and must not get out of the country.

He and other executives have been vocally unhappy with the functioning of the Chinese Government. The President states that China uses TikTok to spread its political agenda, sensors any political-sensitive content, and uses it to access the American citizen’s personal and property-ownership information.