Putin Shuts Down the European Nord 1 Pipeline Indefinitely

"Gazprom's move to reduce German gas supply 'political' - minister" by Just Click's With A Camera

Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom announced they’ll be shutting down the Nord Stream 1 natural gas pipeline this week on Saturday.

This is effectively rendering Europe without an energy supply, ahead of what could be a pretty cold winter for the region.

This almost definitely means the energy crisis in Europe will spiral out of control by the end of this year, sending the entirety of the continent into a horrid recession.

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Energy crisis in Europe unfolds

According to Russia’s officials, though, the pipeline was shut down due to leaks being found in the pipes during the latest inspection.

Although it’s hard to believe, given the tensions between European leaders and Putin, which plateaued when the Russian overlord decided to wage war on Ukraine earlier this year.

Europe is at major risk of reverting to the dark ages because of this change. This is expected to cause major spikes in energy costs and a series of power outages, blackouts, and even severe cutbacks across the entire continent.

Some analysts believe energy prices in the UK will soar by well over 80% by the end of this year. However, this series of developments with the Russian energy giants might just make the cost of living soar through the roof.

This is made worse by the fact that Russia didn’t announce when the “repairs” to the pipeline will be finished, if ever. This leads many to believe the Nord 1 pipeline shutdown was nothing more than a cruel provocation by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

It’s not like we didn’t see it coming

However, it’s hard to argue this came as a surprise, considering both the US and EU have been one of Ukraine’s major supporters through the years, as can be seen by the avalanche of sanctions that hit Russia post-invasion.

It’s not like no one was expecting this, but rather, no one was expecting it to happen this soon. That still doesn’t justify Europe’s strong dependence on Russian energy after all the disdain Putin has shown for the continent in recent years.

In fact, Europe should’ve cut ties with Russia long ago, back when Putin originally decided to invade Crimea. Putin was effectively committing a series of war crimes against a people and a country that once belonged to the Soviet Union.

Oddly enough, Europe is waging the same war on fossil fuels as the US. They’ve shot themselves in the foot several times by illegalizing certain “dirty” energy sources while remaining fully dependent on Russian imported energy.

California is no better. They’ve mandated all non-electric cars be sold by the end of 2035, while also demanding Californians ease off on the electric appliances because the grid can’t handle it during a major heat wave in the state.

The absurdity of both of these situations is ever-so-slightly comparable; although Europe is more than likely to draw the short end of the stick in this exchange.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.