Putin May Have Just Tricked the World With Ukraine – Russia Grain Export Deal

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Representatives of Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, and the United Nations have signed agreements providing guarantees for the exports of Ukrainian grain, as well as Russian grain, amid Vladimir Putin’s war of aggression against Ukrainians.

The deal was welcomed internationally as a way to alleviate looming global food prices and reduce global inflation. However, it remains unknown whether the Moscow dictator would honor it or whether he may have achieved a military goal with it.

Ukraine’s Grain and Your Groceries Bill

Even though there have been no formal declarations of war, Russia invaded Ukraine almost five months ago, as the bloodthirsty tyrant sought to restore the former Russian and Soviet Empire for himself.

With Ukraine being a major global exporter of grain – wheat, rye, barley, sunflower, rapeseed, and so on – its inability to export this vital produce created the threat of a global food shortage crisis or even famine in many countries.

At the same time, Russia, which is also a big grain exporter, also saw its grain exports hurt by sanctions because of the war, leaving many shipping companies unwilling to transport Russian produce.

Putin meanwhile has been trying to blackmail the West by demanding the lifting of sanctions against Russia if he allows Ukrainian grain to be exported via the Black Sea.

In the meantime, Russian troops and intelligence services have been raiding Ukrainian grain silos, trying to export and sell for cash any wheat they could get their looting hands on.

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Putin Playing Games?

Representatives of both Ukraine and Russia met in Turkey on Friday to sign agreements that would enable both warring nations to export their grain worldwide.

Notably, Ukraine and Russia didn’t sign any documents jointly.

Ukraine signed a deal with Turkey and the UN. Russia also signed a deal with Turkey and the UN, but separately from Ukraine. During the event, the flags of Ukraine and Russia were placed far from one another at the request of the Ukrainian side.

According to Arkady Babchenko, a dissident Russian journalist and writer in exile who survived an assassination attempt by Russians, the only thing Putin is looking for will be the demining of the sea waters leading up to Odesa.

He warned in a YouTube video that Russians may use the demined corridors to attack the city and launch a sea landing there. If that occurs, it would be a major blow to Ukrainian defenses, even if the Russians get repulsed.

The same analyst also predicts the atrocious Russian tyrant isn’t going to rest until he conquers all of Ukraine or exhausts in full Russia’s ability to attempt to do that.

He predicts Putin is going to make another attempt to conquer Ukraine’s capital Kyiv as well, even though the Russians were defeated there in March and were forced to pull out.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.