Putin Forces High-Profile Lover to Get Abortion Amid Ukraine War Uncertainty

(An older Kremlin photo shows Putin and Kabayeva.)

Russia’s bloodthirsty dictator Vladimir Putin forced his high-profile girlfriend, gymnast Alina Kabayeva, to have an abortion even though she was five months pregnant, according to a source claiming insider knowledge of the Kremlin’s affairs.

Putin Maybe Survived Two Assassination Attempts Since Invading Ukraine

Putin’s dictatorship has been finding itself in an increasingly difficult position caused by his starting of the bloody invasion of Ukraine.

The situation of the Putin regime has been particularly complicated since Ukrainian defenders made a daring counter-offensive. They liberated a giant swath of their own territory in the Kharkiv region of Eastern Ukraine, after routing the Russians.

The humiliation at the town of Izyum, which Russians lost in a single night, caused a fury of Russian nationalists who started to accuse Putin of not being decisive and extremist enough.

(A more recent social media photo of Kabayeva.)

Putin’s Alleged Forced Divorce Caused Medical Complications

Against that backdrop, the Russian tyrant may have recently suffered a second assassination attempt since he started the war in Ukraine.

He literally forced his secret wife, Alina Kabayeva, to have an abortion; she was pregnant with what was to be their fifth secret child, according to reports.

The new batch of revelations into the affairs of the Moscow autocrat comes from the General SVR Telegram channel, an account linked to Russian opposition figure and political science professor Valery Solovey.

Even though its reports cannot be verified, the SVR Telegram leaks are widely considered to contain a high degree of truth.

The latest batch of Kremlin leaks from General SVR reveal, as cited by The Daily Mail, Putin’s limo was “hit by a loud bang” on the left front wheel, which created “heavy smoke.”

The channel said it is unable to declare with certainty whether the incident was indeed an assassination attempt.

However, it reported Putin was driven to safety and survived unscathed. Yet, what followed was a series of arrests of members of his security services, while others simply “vanished.”

The same source also informed in a separate Telegram post that back in August, the Russian president, who will be 70 next month, forced his secret wife, 39-year-old Kabayeva, a former Olympic gold winning gymnast, to abort their fifth child.

At the time, Kabayeva was more than 20 weeks pregnant. She had a healthy pregnancy. She ended up having the abortion, but it caused medical complications, so she was unable to appear in public for some time.

Besides that, the abortion has caused a deterioration of her relationship with Putin.

Putin has two “official” daughters from his former marriage aged 35 and 37, a 20-year-old daughter with a former lover, a cleaner-turned-banker, and allegedly four children with Kabayeva: two older girls and two younger boys.

This article appeared in MorningPress and has been published here with permission.