Psaki: Democrats Will Lose Midterms

The Democrats will be defeated, according to ex-White House press secretary Jen Psaki, if the November midterm elections constitute a “referendum” on President Biden.

A Referendum on Biden?

She claims if it’s a presidential referendum, they’ll lose. Democrats are aware of this. They also understand criminality is a significant weakness for Democrats, according to Psaki on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on September 25.

Psaki, however, asserted Democrats could prevail in November if the midterm elections are focused on the “extremist” party, specifically referencing House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Biden’s overall approval numbers are still low with just over 40 days until the November elections. A recent survey by Reuters and Ipsos found only 39% of Americans supported the president, while 57% opposed him.

Furthermore, 67 percent of those polled said the United States was moving in the wrong way, while 21 percent believe the opposite.

According to a current Reuters/Ipsos poll, 50% of Americans believe Biden “should be doing more” to “prevent illegal immigrants” from getting into the country.

Democrats Don’t Support Biden

Many Democrats are no longer supporting Biden as their presidential candidate in 2024.

Just 35% of Democrats and left-leaning Independents want Biden for the 2024 candidacy, while 56% believe the party should choose a different candidate, based on the most recent ABC News/Washington Post survey.

Republicans, most notably previous President Trump, have long cast the midterm elections as a vote on Biden.

In fact, these elections are a judgment on the immorality and radicalism of Joe Biden and the extreme Democrat Party, according to Trump.

The House Judiciary Committee member Rep. Darrell Issa, who also posted on Twitter Sunday, stated it’s not making headlines that Democrats don’t really want the midterm elections to be a judgment on Biden.”

Republican candidate for Senate in Colorado, Joe O’Dea, stated earlier in the month that the election in November is a referendum on the administration.

O’Dea, who is challenging incumbent Sen. Michael Bennet, remarked on Twitter, “This election is a review on the trillions in expenditure and debt by Biden and Bennet that’s spawned this economic catastrophe.”

“So, yeah, the market is a cloud over anything and everything,” he continued. “However, you must consider state-by-state considerations, and in the Pennsylvania race, criminality is a major concern.”

On October 25, there will be a discussion on television between Oz and Fetterman. On Sunday, Oz tweeted he approaches border security differently from his competitor.

Oz stated on Twitter that John Fetterman “might be a rubber stamp for Biden’s dangerous immigration policies and make the catastrophe at our southern border much worse.”

Psaki quit her position at the White House in May and accepted a position at MSNBC as the anchor of a new streaming show that will debut in 2023.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.