Psaki Can’t Name a Single Republican Who Supports “Defund the Police”

On Wednesday, the White House press secretary was questioned about the comments she made; the comments were alleging that the Republican party is the one who wants to “defund the police.

However, Psaki could not name a single Republican lawmaker who supports the controversial line. 

Despite the rallying cry of Democrats like Rep. Ayanna Pressley and Rep. Cori Bush to “defund the police”, Psaki implied that Republicans are the ones who support “defund the police.”

Her reason is traced back to GOP lawmakers’ decision not to vote for the American Rescue Plan, which includes provisions for law enforcement agencies.

Doocy: Biden never mentioned that funding law enforcement is included in American Rescue Plan

In an interview with Fox News on Wednesday with Peter Doocy, the news anchor asked Psaki how she could possibly make this claim.

Biden never mentioned that his administration was in need of money to fund the police to address the rising crime rates, particularly when he was promoting the American Rescue Plan. 

Psaki claimed that Biden mentioned the funding for law enforcement in American Rescue Plan. She further noted that the American Rescue Plan, which was supposedly meant to make sure the police are “on the beat”, did not get even one vote from Republicans. 

However, when Psaki was asked to name Republicans in Congress who rejected the American Rescue Plan on the grounds of seeking to “defund the police”, she was drawn up short. 

Biden’s press secretary could only answer to the tune of “action speaks louder than words.” Psaki then made an assumption that those who oppose the funding of the COPS program supports “defunding the police”.

She then added that supporters of defunding the police don’t have to speak it out loud for them to be known.  

Democrats rallying cry to “defund the police” in recent months

On the other hand, Cedric Richmond, Biden’s adviser also echoed the same sentiments; Richmond said that it was Republicans who voted against the American Rescue Plan which was meant to replenish funds of local police. 

Richmond then added that when they were trying to pass the relief for cities last year, GOP lawmakers objected to it. 

Biden’s adviser also mentioned that Republicans also did not back the American Rescue Plan which included means to fund the police department. 

Richmond also declared that Republicans are good at finding those who supports defunding the police. He then said the fact is that conservatives are the ones who want to defund the police. 

These bold statements were made by Psaki and Richmond, despite the fact that Democrat activists have been rallying to “defund the police” in recent months. 

According to data released by the FBi this year, 7 out of 10 Americans believes that the crime rate across the U.S. is on the rise.

A poll released by Fox News on May 26 also found that 73% of Americans thinks that crimes are increasing on local and national levels, compared to 2020.