Progressives’ Ambitions to Trap Black People Debunked

Progressives have often tried to champion the narrative that their policies are intended to help black Americans. However, most of their ideological stances are detrimental to the people they are supposed to help.

Progressives Making Minorities Vulnerable 

The editorial board of the New York Post blasted progressives for their radical stance on various matters.

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According to the post, the first and foremost consequence of the progressive wave in the country is the rising criminal activities in various areas against minorities.

Be it Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and many other cities, progressives made decisive “reforms” to tackle crimes.

However, these reforms backfired. The very same areas started seeing an unprecedented surge in criminal activity. The astonishing surge in crimes was most apparent against the already vulnerable groups which progressives claim to help.

For instance, crime in New York increased by 34.2% this time, compared to last year; gun violence doubled, compared to pre-pandemic times.

However, these crises are unreasonably impacting poor people and minority groups, who are the real targeted audiences of the progressive faction.

Almost 65% of murder victims in New York were black people, a state the progressives are championing police defunding the most.

New York is the home state of various progressive stalwarts; far-left lawmaker AOC belongs to the same state.

Regarding educational policies, progressives are doing the same thing and distressing the already vulnerable masses.

In New York City, former Mayor Bill de Blasio tried to eliminate NYC’s Gifted & Talented program, asserting Hispanics and blacks are being underrepresented in the program.

Black Facing Education Crisis Courtesy of Progressive Policies

The same approach was pursued in many other regions, including California and Virginia, as these sorts of programs were terminated entirely or more liberalized.

Though this move backfired on progressives. The minority population started being admitted to programs in which they were unable to compete, resulting in high dropouts.

According to the data, only 37% of black American first graders are expected to pass literacy tests, compared to 2019 when 51% of the same class achieved this feat.

The same is the case with Hispanics, whose literacy reduced from 54% to 42% in a matter of two years, due to progressive policies.

By pursuing the war on phonics, progressives ensured a whole lot of children failed to learn reading.

The arrival of coronavirus further encouraged progressives to experiment with new things on innocent children. Included in these new experiments were the aggressive lockdowns and mask policies.

These policies impacted the graduation rates of black people significantly. Reportedly, unemployment for black people skyrocketed during COVID, due to progressive policies.

The numbers touched a historic low in 2019 under Donald Trump, but progressives turned around the situation; blacks are yet to find feasible grounds to gain employment.

Progressives have often talked about equity and giving justice to the black communities. However, the consequences of their radical actions are disenfranchising the very same people.