Pro-Life Bills Spark Debate in Montana Senate, Democrats Walk Out of Hearing

Montana Senate Democrats were outraged during a committee hearing on Tuesday over pro-life bills being considered by the Montana Legislature.

Pro-life advocates used graphic language to describe abortion procedures in support of these bills, which the Democrats claimed was unnecessarily inflammatory. As a result, they walked out of the hearing.

House Bill 721

The pro-life bills discussed include House Bill 721, which would ban dismemberment abortions.

This abortion involves pulling apart nearly fully-formed, second-trimester unborn babies limb from limb while their heart is still beating. Pro-life advocates believe this method of abortion is vicious and brutal.

Though, Billings Democratic Senator Jen Gross was furious when pro-lifers called abortion “barbaric” and another politician compared abortion to satanism. She said the remark was irrelevant.

Gross fought with the committee’s head, Republican Senator Keith Reiger from Kalispell, on the legitimacy of a senator’s query about abortion and satanism. Reiger said they’d see. Gross and the Democrats decided to leave the committee.

Specialists and experienced abortionists say D&E second-trimester abortions are horrific, according to pro-lifers.

Dr. Anthony Levatino, an OB-GYN and longtime abortionist who became pro-life, called D&E abortion a grueling process in which a breathing human being is yanked to fragments.

Abortion and satanism are apparently related. The Satanic Temple promotes abortion. It recently filed multiple lawsuits, arguing abortion is a religious “ritual” and outlawing abortion violates its followers’ religious convictions.

Their Job!

After the session, Montana Republican senators reminded Democrats that members must listen to testimonials, even if they disapprove. They stressed listening to people, activists, and specialists with different ideas is crucial in the legislature.

Republicans control the Montana legislature and are considering several pro-life bills, including a ban on late-term abortions and a requirement to report abortion complications to the state.

The Montana Department of Public Health and Human Services reported 1,675 abortions in 2020. Pro-life advocates believe the state needs to take more decisive action to protect unborn babies.

In contrast, pro-choice advocates argue that access to safe, legal abortion is a fundamental right for women.

The controversy over the pro-life bills will likely continue in the coming weeks as lawmakers on both sides of the issue debate the best way forward for Montana.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.