Pro-Abortion Group Took Down Its Website Out of Legal Fear

A pro-choice group that published the home addresses of six conservative Supreme Court justices shut down its website after the failed murder attempt of Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

The person charged with the attempted assassination claimed he got the address of the judge on the internet.

Liberal Abortion Group’s Big Lies

After the historic Supreme Court leak, an anti-abortion group adopted a controversial strategy to help people register their protests against the six conservative judges.

As it published the addresses of all the conservative judges, many people gathered outside the residences of those officials to protest.

However, when a person came outside justice Kavanagh’s house to kill him, the group landed itself in trouble, as it could have pushed its owners into serious legal trouble.

Ironically, the group denied ever publishing the addresses of any judge on its website after the failed murder attempt. The liberal group even called the whole unfortunate episode a non-serious assassination attempt.

As Ruth Sent Us made headlines after the assassination attempt, it tried to cover up its actions.

According to the group, it is “committed to non-violence,” adding it did not play any role in sending the potential criminal to the justice’s home.

The group even claimed its protests outside Kavanaugh’s home would continue even after the criminal’s arrest.

Pro-Abortion Group Denies Posting Online Maps

While defending its actions, the group stated it is not hard to find the addresses of conservative Supreme Court justices, adding even the data related to “summer home addresses” of these judges can be found online.

However, these claims are completely based on lies.

Just some days after Politico’s bombshells regarding leaked Supreme Court documents, the website of the liberal group uploaded a Google map on its website, to which the residential locations of all the conservative justices were pinned.

While the home addresses of two justices, Neil Gorsuch and Clarence Thomas, were pinned precisely, the map also pinned the streets of the remaining four conservative judges, including Kavanaugh.

The headline of the map noted these are the places where the conservative justices issued their “shadow docket rulings.”

Furthermore, the abortion-rights group also offered to give “stipends” to “chalk artists” and “graphic designers” to create artwork related to protests outside the Supreme Court justices. 

It is yet to be known who is the mastermind behind the group; however, some records suggest it is working closely with another group, “Vigil for Democracy,” which sponsored the map highlighting the locations of conservative justices.

Attempted murder of the conservative justice unleashed the severity of smear campaigns launched by pro-choice groups in the aftermath of the recent Supreme Court controversy.

Apart from Ruth Sent Us, many other groups also stepped up to orchestrate protests outside judges’ houses at a time when even the White House downplayed these protests.