President Trump’s Five-State Rally Tour Last Sunday

"U.S. Elections" (public domain) by GPA Photo Archive

President Trump finished his five-state rally tour last Sunday night as he landed in Miami, Florida just after 11:30 pm.

The President arrived dancing offstage to YMCA’s tune at 10pm til , in a balmy 79 degrees. The President told the crowd, “Two days from now, we’re going to win my home state of Florida!.” This was answered by cheering from the crowd. This was followed by him saying, “You know who else thinks we’re going to win, the Democrats, think we’re going to win.”

Also, in order to keep the crowd pumped for President Trump’s late-night arrival in Florida, almost every prominent Republican from Florida gave their speech. This includes Sen. Marco Rubio, Sen. Rick Scott, and Gov. Ron DeSantis. 

President Trump started his day at a rally in the sleeting and snowing state of Michigan. Afterward, the President then moved to Iowa where he was welcomed with cold and windy weather. Then afterward, he moved to his shortest rally in North Carolina, and then in Georgia. 

In Miami, on the President’s last stop, his voice was already hoarse and he was speaking at a lower volume than usual. President Trump then said, “I’ve been doing this since early in the morning – only for you,” and despite his voice, he said he would keep the rally going. 

He even told the crowd, “This is the last one of the day, so we can stay all night,” 

In the campaign rally, the President spoke for 62 minutes. 

He talked for 62 minutes. The President then said, “Tomorrow I have five more. Five more. Five more and let’s crash. I don’t know if I can crash. Tuesday is going to be a very exciting day.”

At another point in the rally, the President also commented on Joe Biden’s slim figure. President Trump stated, “His legs have gotten very thin.”

President Trump also made a remark about the bus that is full of Biden-Harris sticker, he said, “I saw yesterday a video of these people in Texas. Did you see it?” he asked the crowd. “All the cars on the road. We love what they did.” he followed this by saying, “But here’s the thing they do not know, We do that in Florida every day,” he said to laughs.

There were also huge lines of people that were patiently to see the President at Hickory Regional Airport. 

Earlier Sunday evening in a rally in Rome, Georgia, the President stated that he is a “proud American” compared to his rival Joe Biden who is running as a Democrat. 

President Trump also said while Joe Biden is saying he is running as a “proud Democrat” he is running as a “proud American.”

President Trump in a seven-point lead in the vital swing state of Iowa

According to the survey conducted by Des Moines Register, the President is seven-points ahead of the Democratic nominee with a day left until the election day. This data comes from the same poll in 2016 that said he could win the White House. 

The survey is worrying the Democrats that Biden might face the same fate as Hillary Clinton. 

In the final weekend of the campaigning, the two presidential candidates stormed through swing states, mainly focusing on Pennsylvania.

One of the ten swing states that President Trump won last 2016 was Pennsylvania, and he needs to hold on to this if he wanted to remain in office. He also should keep a hold on all the southern states where he won the last 2016 election. This includes Arizona, Florida, and Georgia, which is a little bit running behind by 1%, 0.7%, and 0.8%. 

Meanwhile, in the last 2016 election, President Trump’s path to victory involved maintaining and building his voting base from 2016. However, the polls showed that he has overflowing support from pensioners and women.