President Trump Declares Victory Over Opponent Joe Biden

"Republican January 14, 2016 Debate" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by DonkeyHotey

The US President Donald Trump and Democratic opponent Joe Biden held their first presidential debate in a rally in Duluth, Minnesota. Wednesday evening was a highly watched event. Millions of Americans turned in to see the outcome of this highlighted and heated event. Both opponents engaged in heated discussions. Fox News host, Chris Wallace, moderated the event.

The president gave his first statement after the debate that he has really enjoyed the spirited discussion, and according to him, the party has had a major victory. He addressed the Duluth International Airport crowd in a passionate speech talking about some of the same issues that he discussed that night.

The two candidates shouted at each other and sparred, which gained a mixed reaction from the Americans. The discussions were based on various topics from the pandemic, COVID 19 handling to COVID testing, and the violence erupting in many American cities. Joe Biden sent out a tweet showing his displeasure with the sitting president after the debate. At the rally, however, Donald Trump said that the event’s ratings were fruitful, and he also stated that he would hold Joe Biden accountable for all of the things that were discussed.

Donald Trump takes over the debate

It has been an issue with the president that the media is unfair and biased when it comes to conservative values. In his opinion, he took control of the debate in a way that is unprecedented and showed how corrupt the media is at keeping faith with the Republican values he holds close to heart.

His speech was given very close to Minneapolis, which is a city that has seen repeated protests after the death of George Lloyd in police custody. Not that Minneapolis is the only city that is going through unrest. Pretty much every other city in the US has had protests over the summer. President Trump has also declared displeasure over how the protestors and rioters were allowed to take over the control of Democratic cities and disrupt the general public’s life. This is his third visit to Minnesota in the weeks leading up to the debate, and he held his rally at the airport. The same day, the Democratic nominee was visiting the union training center in Duluth.

What is the situation of the polls?

Minnesota has reportedly been voting positively towards the Democratic Party. A report by a polling agency showed that the city is leading Biden by roughly 9 points. Although Donald Trump had historically lost Minnesota in 2016, he was still able to make positive gains of two percentage points over his last opponent. Hopefully, he will be recovering in the polls in Minnesota this time also.

Refusal to play by the rules

Donald Trump showed that he would not be swayed by the rules set by media or the Democratic Party. He has established in the debate that the campaign is still focusing on powering through the election with their values intact. They have also positively denounced the green new deal, a policy trying to combat the impact of climate change.

The bill is brought to the senate by Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a Democratic representative from New York. The Republican Party is banking on keeping the policies of the administration business-friendly. This could be a huge issue that can change the heart of a lot of undecided voters. Even in Minnesota, at least six Democratic mayors have shown their support for President Donald Trump, which shows that whatever strategy he has taken for the past debate is working. At this rate, we can hope to see more spirit from the president in the upcoming debates also.

Donald Trump has been known to break the rules and blow out any given format by refusing to play the rules. He never let his opponent hijack the moment in the discussion and clearly represented his thoughts, which could be a plus factor with his voters. The nation is waiting to see how the president strategizes the next presidential debate and the debate between the vice president nominees senator Kamala Harris and current vice president, Mike Pence.