Post-Trump Alliance Formation. Will Liz Enlist?

(Social media video snapshot)

Liz Cheney vs. Donald Trump wasn’t Wyoming’s most exciting story last week. There’s talk of a post-Trump coalition. Cheney and her right-leaning media cronies appear to want nothing whatsoever to do with it. 

Stephen Hayes

Stephen Hayes, editor-in-chief of the Dispatch, joined Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) during her election campaign. Hayes reported those at dinner had no misconceptions about what would happen Tuesday; yet, the tone was upbeat. 

Cheney talked at this luncheon about the road ahead, saying people who believe in freedom, the Constitution, and the nation will prevail. 

In the piece written by Hayes and named “Choosing to Lose,” Hayes acts as a superfan for Cheney and her father. He is touched by the grand proclamations Cheney and her father made about bringing the Republican Party back to a time before erstwhile President Trump. 

Hayes is not merely an observer who is present in order to make notes about the expansive sonnets coming from the Cheneys who have been exiled. He is there with them, whether the situation is favorable or not.

While the Bush elite and #NeverTrump media convened in Wyoming, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) held a retreat to mobilize against Cheney. Cheney’s main emphasis, the previous president, was absent. 

Trump wasn’t there, but Elon Musk was. Musk allegedly discussed a way ahead, possibly without Trump, with Republican leaders and funders. Musk has criticized Trump and said he’d back Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis if he ran.

DeSantis hasn’t announced a national campaign, despite traversing the country for midterm candidates. This raises the possibility of a 2024 presidential run when he would face Trump. 

GOP of Old

Trump is susceptible to the right because of his pandemic reaction. He welcomed Dr. Anthony Fauci and pushed school shutdowns in Georgia. Trump hasn’t faced a challenger with Musk’s star power and wealth.

No one has created right-wing divisions like DeSantis. GOP voters may potentially experience “Trump weariness.” If this happens, Trump might be replaced.

Cheney said she finds backing DeSantis difficult, which is a dilemma for her media allies. She reportedly claimed DeSantis’ alignment with Trump is highly hazardous. Cheney supported Trump in 2020, though.

If Cheney opposed DeSantis and a new GOP alliance of forward-thinking brains and contributors, her media allies would cry “#NeverDeSantis.”

“Ron DeSantis” by Gage Skidmore

That would undercut their entire purpose as they’ve called Trump a generational threat to the country and the law that must be stopped.

Rejecting a method to preserve MSNBC hits and new left audiences would show they never believed what they claimed about Trump. 

The GOP will never return to the days of Dick Cheney and George W. Bush. Helping Democrats win ensures their followers won’t be asked to rebuild. A new course may be delighted to leave Trump and Cheney behind, including Cheney’s press allies.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.