Portland Police Declare Riot After Antifa Vandalized and Damaged More Businesses

"Riot cops in autumn" (CC BY 2.0) by K. Kendall

Late Friday night, Police in Portland, Oregon declared a riot in the northwest part of the city after rioters started tagging graffiti on buildings, smashing windows, and broke into a restaurant. 

According to FOX 12 of Oregon, the riot came after the state of emergency in the city was extended by Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler through the weekend over possible continued unrest.

The Portland Police Bureau added that the planned protest has also been labeled as an “autonomous demonstration,” which started around 9 p.m. PT. There were around 75 protesters who joined the chaos, dressed all in black who started vandalizing property around 15 minutes after they started marching from a park near the city’s downtown.

Police also added that they issued dispersal orders that were largely ignored and there were two people who got arrested and booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center. 

The riot follows that same unrest this week driven by the conviction of ex-Minneapolis police Officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd last May 2020 and other fatal police shootings in Minnesota, Ohio and North Carolina.

In a news conference Friday afternoon, Wheeler said, “Tonight, the anarchists have called for more destruction,” announcing the emergency extension. The Portland Mayor added, “I’ve directed the police bureau to arrest and engage illegal activity whenever they can safely do so.”

The emergency declaration ends at noon on Monday. Said declaration allows the mayor to issue a curfew or close streets. 

Portland has been continuously experiencing rioting since the unrest in Minneapolis over the death of George Floyd nearly a year ago.

According to reports, there were at least two people who were arrested. A video that was published by the Oregonian and retweeted by the Portland Police showed demonstrators dressed in all black, punching a bicycle officer in the head, before more officers come to pile on top of the suspect. 

Portland Police also released photos showing broken windows at local coffee shops and graffiti of the anarchy symbol and ACAB which means, “All Cops Are B*******.”

Portland Police Bureau Sgt. Kevin Allen said in the latest video update, “have been posted to social media by various bystanders, including some that did not provide the entire context of the incident.” The Bureau also posted on its Twitter page what it said as “most complete we could find.”

Allen said that video showed a Portland Police sergeant walking his bike when a rioter dressed in all black stepped his path. The sergeant moved the person aside when another person punched the sergeant in the head. A scuffle started and the sergeant was knocked to the ground.

The Bureau also said in a statement that the sergeant landed in a “dangerous position” underneath the suspect and on his back. That’s when other officers moved in to stop the assault and some focused blows were used “in response to the violent conduct,” police said.

Pepper spray was also deployed by an officer, and officers rendered aid to help mitigate the effects of the pepper spray after the suspect was handcuffed, police said.

Portland, Oregon, has seen repeated violent demonstrations since Floyd’s death, and Mayor Ted Wheeler declared a state of emergency Tuesday and put state police and the National Guard on standby.