Portland Antifa Member Charged With Sexual Exploitation of a Child

"Antifa" by Chad Davis

Antifa in Portland, Oregon seems to have strayed from their original “goals.”

One of their members, Aubrey Ryan Quinn-Ward, a 23-year-old man, was arrested last week during a sex trafficking sting operation in the neighboring Washington County.

The sting, which had law enforcement officers posing as children online to out these predators, resulted in four more arrests of pedophiles in the Portland area.

“P4270457” by Darij Zadnikar

The left can’t keep their groomers in check

Quinn-Ward’s record is far from clean, as he’d been repeatedly charged with numerous felonies during the 2020 Antifa riots.

Despite the fact he was caught luring a minor and charged with first-degree online corruption of a child, Quinn-Ward was still released into the public without bail the next day after. This came following his pleading not guilty to both of the charges.

This mirrors his other arrests that happened in 2020 when Antifa protests were at their peak. It often coincided with the BLM protests that were happening at the same time. This led to hundreds of arrests of violent criminals who were later released back onto the street.

In fact, a little over two years ago, on July 17th, Quinn-Ward was one of those arrested for attempting to set the federal courthouse ablaze. Even though he was facing several felony charges, with his bail set at $36.5k, it was waived within a day, with his case being dropped shortly after.

Close, but no cigar

Without learning his lesson, which seems to be a recurring motif with these Antifa criminals, Quinn-Ward was arrested once again.

This happened only 39 days later at the 90th Antifa riot, having set multiple fires at the PPA union hall, risking hundreds of lives as the flames quickly spread to the residential homes in the area.

Much like last time, even though he was filming himself for the entire duration of the crime, Quinn-Ward was yet again released without bail. His case was subsequently dropped by DA Mike Schmidt.

The men and women involved with Antifa seem to be above the law, directly influenced by the numerous bail funds backed by none other than Vice President Kamala Harris. It’s only a matter of time before these violent individuals commit something they can’t exactly get away with.

According to Quinn-Ward, he was once a canvasser for Bernie Sanders and Kate Brown, after which he’d turned to Antifa to support the “causes” he believes in.

Much to the surprise of none, his Facebook account is riddled with BLM posts and supportive messages for the Rose City Antifa group, infamous for their violent behavior.

Despite what one may think, it seems this sort of stuff does actually run in the family. His sister, who is now his brother, was also arrested during the 2020 protests, with her case also being dropped in a matter of days.

It’s almost like the left has made a sport out of bailing their supporters and prominent figures out of jail whenever they see fit, rending them guilt-free no matter the crime.

The greatest culprit of such behavior is none other than our president, Joe Biden.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.