Pfizer Intentionally Delayed COVID Vaccination to Help Biden

Nate Silver, the founder of one of the largest election news websites, FiveThirtyEight, claimed left-leaning public health officials pushed Pfizer not to announce COVID vaccines before the 2020 presidential election.

This was designed to help Biden win the presidency.

Even though the vaccine was manufactured during Trump’s tenure under Operation Warp Speed, Biden kept on taking credit for manufacturing and distributing vaccines to Americans.

Health Bureaucracy Intentionally Delayed COVID Vaccination

COVID vaccination was one of the top issues that impacted the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Democratic candidate Biden colluded with the mainstream media to portray Trump as an anti-vaccine president to lure moderate voters toward himself. 

In May, the White House Twitter handle claimed no vaccine was available when Biden assumed the presidency. Whereas Pfizer announced just six days after the 2020 election that its vaccines are 90% effective.

Now, investigative journalists are deflating liberals’ propaganda against Trump’s stance on vaccines.

According to Silver, liberal public health elites forced Pfizer to change its vaccine approval process so the announcement of vaccine manufacturing could get delayed until after the November election.

In addition to that, Silver claimed that most public health bureaucracy is inspired by left-wing politics, so their efforts to delay vaccination approval were motivated by their political beliefs. Likewise, Silver asked relevant authorities to further scrutinize the reasons for the delayed approval of vaccination.

Silver also urged the mainstream media to cover this story that stopped the Trump administration from distributing vaccines among Americans at a time when the coronavirus pandemic was at its peak.

Similarly, Silver also cited a Politico story, according to which many public health experts were slamming Pfizer for manufacturing the vaccine fast enough to release it before the November elections.

Liberals Took Aim at Silver For Vaccination Claims

Some political observers suggest the Trump administration pressured Pfizer to announce the vaccine before Election Day to get political mileage.

However, Trump dismissed these concerns. Silver suggested accusing Trump of pressing Pfizer to release a vaccine before the election is the most ineffective criticism someone can do of Trump.

Meanwhile, liberal netizens lashed out at Silver for speaking against Pfizer. One user accused Silver of supporting “MAGA” conspiracy theories against Biden.

Likewise, another user claimed this type of content should be limited to Trump-owned Truth Social.

Previously, Trump also slammed Pfizer for allegedly delaying vaccine announcements to benefit then-candidate Joe Biden.

According to Trump, Pfizer played “corrupt games” by not announcing the vaccine in October 2020, which was supposed to be the original month of vaccine announcement.

After winning Congress, House Democrats started probing the Trump administration’s response to the pandemic, claiming the former president pushed the FDA to authorize the use of hydroxychloroquine for COVID treatment.

Usually, hydroxychloroquine is used for treating malaria.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.