Pence Interrupted With Shouts of “Traitor” During Speech

On Friday, as former Vice President Mike Pence delivered a speech, he was interrupted by a woman who called him a “traitor” several times.

In a conservative policy conference on Friday in Kissimmee, Florida, Pence was bothered with calls of “traitor” from a woman in the crowd who interrupted him several times. 

At first, Pence was greeted by cheers when he arrived on stage at the event. However, as he started speaking he was heckled by a woman who shouted “traitor” multiple times before being escorted out.

Pence, on the other hand, merely ignored the outburst and proceeded with his speech. Up to date, it is still not clear who the woman was or her motivation for interrupting Pence. 

Pence and Trump’s highly publicized rift

It can be remembered that during the assault on the Capitol on January 6, the crowd can be heard chanting “Hang Mike Pence.” The then-vice president was at that time, in the building supervising the counting of electoral votes that solidified Biden’s victory. 

Pence’s decision to oversee the counting happened despite Trump’s efforts to urge the former vice president to overturn the election results. In response to Trump’s effort, Pence merely claimed that he didn’t have the authority to do so. This caused a highly-publicized rift between the two, which got worst after the riot. 

During the speech, although Pence lauded Trump (saying that he saw accomplishments during his presidency), Pence also clarified that he may never see “eye to eye” with Trump about January 6. 

It can also be noted that in early June, at a Republican event, Pence called January 6 a “dark day” in the history of United States. 

Pence also clarified that he and former President Trump have talked many times since they left office. However, Pence said that he does not know if they will ever see eye to eye on that day.

Pence outlined the promises that he and Trump fulfilled

In his speech, Pence also outlined the promises that he and former President Trump fulfilled over the last four years. The former vice president also criticized the job that Biden has done so far. 

Pence said that after 140 days, the Biden administration and Democrat Party opened the borders, raised taxes, defunded the police, increased spending, approved abortion on demand, censored free speech, and canceled Americans’ most cherished liberties. 

The former vice president then mentioned that the time has come for Americans to stand up and be heard, urging the people to turn back the agenda of the “radical left.”

Pence also scrutinized the Democrat Party who according to him, was accountable for producing a “violent crime wave” that wreak havoc on families all over the country. Then, the former vice president took a swipe against the BLM movement.

Pence state that black lives are not threatened by the police. Instead, they are saved by the police.