Pelosi Thinks Democrats Can Avoid Losing the House Next Month

At this rate, it’s very well-established that Democrats aren’t very likely to have congressional power.

They’re losing advantages in Senate elections; meanwhile, in the House races, Democratic candidates are also falling behind in districts that once went in their favor.

In spite of this, some Democrats are denying their likelihood of losing the upcoming elections. They’re also running on a platform that involves defending an unpopular president.

Right now, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is claiming her party will keep control of the lower chamber, according to The Hill.

The Latest From Pelosi

While speaking with CBS, Pelosi claimed she doesn’t think Republicans will win the midterms as projected. According to the House Speaker, her party will “hold” onto the House of Representatives by securing more seats.

Despite Pelosi’s claim, all evidence exists to the contrary. Democrats aren’t doing very well in elections that are important to maintain control of the House.

Meanwhile, polls show that Americans are overwhelmingly rejecting the Biden agenda that Democrats have chosen to campaign on time and time again. This just isn’t resonating with Americans who are suffering because of this very agenda.

What’s most ironic is Pelosi has been one of the greatest defenders of Biden’s agenda, despite the harm it’s doing to the country. Polling has also shown Democrats are tiring of Pelosi’s leadership as well.

A Make or Break Moment For America

At the rate things are going, the country can’t afford another two years of Democrats keeping control of Congress while Biden also has the White House.

Thus far, a left-wing monopoly on federal power has led to a lot of problems for the nation today. People are barely able to keep up with living costs. Crime is continuing to go through the rooftops and many people are struggling to find childcare and other necessary services.

How the midterms shake out next month is going to determine what happens with leadership in America as a whole. The power balance will also resolve which bills are passed into law between now and 2024.

Right now, the House of Representatives looks most likely to go in favor of Republicans. Meanwhile, the Senate appears to be a toss-up; though if current trends keep on as they have been, Republicans could end up taking this chamber as well.

With the midterms being barely four more weeks away, the wait is almost over. Many predictions state the midterms will be an indicator of how the 2024 presidential election plays out.

What do you think about Pelosi’s prediction that Democrats will win the House next month in the midterm races? Please don’t hesitate to let us know down below in the comments area how you believe this is going to play out.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.