Pelosi Causes Major Military Incident in Taiwan!

On August 3, while participating in a joint news conference with Taiwan Premier Tsai Ing-wen in Taipei, Nancy Pelosi reaffirmed American support for Taiwan.

Pelosi, who just arrived in Taiwan, amid warnings and military exercises from the Chinese communist regime, stated the following:

“Today the globe faces a decision between freedom and despotism. America’s commitment to maintaining freedom here in Taiwan and throughout the world is unbreakable.”

She stressed the Taiwan Relation Act, a law that permits the US to furnish the territory with heavy weaponry for self-defense, still serves as the cornerstone of the two countries’ alliance.

After Washington severed diplomatic relationships with Taipei in support of Beijing in 1979, the bill was signed.

“To make it quite clear we will not renege on our promise to Taiwan and that we are proud of our lasting alliance, our delegation—of whom I am really proud—arrived in Taiwan today,” Pelosi added.

“American support with Taiwan is essential now more than ever.”

Military Influence

Beijing’s threat of war on Taiwan has increased.

China sent four J-16 fighter planes into Taiwan’s southwestern air defense identification zone one day before Pelosi arrived (ADIZ).

On the morning of her landing, the incursion peaked when 21 Chinese military aircraft flew into the area.

Additionally, China declared from August 4 to August 7, it would undertake live-fire military exercises in six areas surrounding Taiwan. The news was made shortly after Pelosi’s delegation’s aircraft touched down in Taipei on August 2.

In a statement released on August 3, Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense criticized China for conducting military drills near Taiwan, claiming these actions “threaten” Taiwan’s harbors, metropolitan areas, and “diminish regional security and stability.”

During a press briefing on August 3, Sun Li-fang, a spokesman for Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defence, added China’s drills violate Taiwan’s sovereignty and challenge the global order.

A late August 2 report by China’s state-run press that Chinese Su-35 warplanes entered the Taiwan Strait, dividing the territory from Beijing and forcing the ministry to refute Chinese misinformation efforts.

The ministry referred to the reports as “false news” in a letter. Pelosi met with Deputy Speaker Tsai Chi-chang in Taiwan’s legislature a minute or so before the joint press conference began.

Possible Trade Agreement

Following their press conference, Pelosi and Tsai met behind closed doors.

After that, the California congresswoman admitted at a press conference that the two discussed the prospect of striking a trade pact. Regarding the prospective trade agreement, Pelosi stated, “Hopefully, that is close.”

In addition to military actions, China has chosen to penalize the island economically. Before Pelosi came, China said on August 2 that thousands of Taiwanese food goods would no longer be imported.

China announced on August 3 that it would forbid the import of two kinds of fish and citrus fruit and no longer sell natural sand to Taiwan, intensifying its economic unity.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.