Parents are Frustrated with Masks Mandates in Schools

Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin recently signed a decree, according to which schools must give students an option not to wear masks, starting on March 1.

However, most parents are still frustrated, claiming their children cannot wear masks even in the last week of February.

Parents are frustrated about masking requirements at schools

Naisha T. Chinnery, a mother whose son was kicked out of the Arlington basketball team for not wearing a mask, opened up against the mandate.

She stated God gave her son freedom, and schools have no authority to snatch that freedom away. According to her, if schools have the audacity to kick a child out one day, they can do it every other day as well.

“Face mask and dry leaves on a frozen puddle” (CC BY 2.0) by Ivan Radic

Chinnery stated the gymnasium of her son’s school has no proper ventilation; thus, wearing a mask has negative health impacts, as he can’t breathe properly.

While criticizing the compulsory masking, Chinnery added schools have no authority to discriminate against children just because they refuse to wear masks. 

Likewise, she stated if schools want to make any decisions about children, they need to inform parents first so a better decision can be made.

Accusing school authorities of acting as dictators, instead of educators, Chinnery noted schools are acting as the mask police nowadays. However, schools of Arlington County are not the only ones imposing draconian mask mandates on students.

Another nearby county named Fairfax County was one of seven districts that sued the governor for making masks optional for students.

As the Virginia legislature and the governor have already passed the optional masks law and signed it respectively, schools must give a choice to students if they want to opt-out of masking,

Democrats finally acknowledge parents’ role in their children’s education

Schools are also aware the law is about to be implemented soon. The spokeswoman of the Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) indicated the county is accessing the potential impacts of the bill once it comes into action.

The executive director of Fight for Schools, Ian Prior, asserted while most schools are ready to comply with the optional masking requirements, Fairfax County is resisting doing so.

This can encourage the attorney general of the state to take legal action against them. As the public sentiments rose against schools’ mask mandates, even Democrats are making a shift in their ideology regarding the issue.

Democrat Congressman Matt Cartwright believes parents should have a greater say in the education of their children, as it will help them in optimizing the studies of their kids.

This seems to be a significant shift from the traditional leftist narrative, where Democrats often claimed the role of parents should be minimized in schooling.

Democrats are adjusting their campaign message because of the changing voter dynamics. They just want to ensure that they grab the maximum votes in the upcoming midterm elections, Prior added.