Paralyzed Victim’s Husband Calls on Adams

Emine Ozsoy, the woman forcibly thrust against the side of a moving train, was left “instantly paralyzed,” revealed prosecutors on Wednesday.

This grim aftermath prompted her husband to issue a heartfelt and urgent plea to the city authorities: prioritize safety on the subway system, an imperative in the bustling urban life of the city’s inhabitants.

Police Seek Homeless Man Semrade in Subway Assault Case

Kamal Semrade, a 39-year-old man, was slapped with charges of attempted murder and assault in connection with the bone-chilling assault that occurred on May 21.

The attack left 35-year-old commuter Emine Ozsoy in a medical emergency, necessitating urgent spinal surgery, as per the police.

Semrade stands accused of forcibly pushing the victim’s head against a subway car as it was leaving the station at Lexington Avenue and 63rd Street. This harrowing incident occurred on the Upper East Side around the break of dawn on Sunday.

In a bid to expedite the capture of the alleged perpetrator — who is believed to be homeless — the police, on Sunday evening, publicized surveillance images that showed him holding what seemed to be a cup of coffee.

He was either standing or pacing on the platform.


Grim Assault Highlights Need for Greater Subway Security

In the grim aftermath of the fatal assault on his wife Emine Ozsoy, Ferdi Ozsoy highlighted the acute necessity for enhancements within the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA).

Emine was en route to her job early in the morning on May 21, around 6 a.m., when she fell victim to a chilling assault.

The alleged perpetrator, identified as Kamal Semrade, 39, unceremoniously pushed her head against a subway car pulling out of the station at Lexington Avenue and 63rd Street on the Upper East Side.

In a grisly revelation at Manhattan Criminal Court during Semrade’s arraignment early Wednesday, prosecutors disclosed that Emine was “instantly paralyzed” from the neck down following the assault.

Semrade faces charges of attempted murder and assault.

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