Panicked Russian Troops Caught on Video in Funniest Moment of Putin’s Ukraine War

(Social media footage snapshot from the dramatic but hilarious fleeing Russian tank video.)

Bloodthirsty Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin’s push to conquer Ukraine has caused immeasurable suffering to millions and millions of human beings.

Yet, there have been some hilarious moments from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, such as a new drone video that captured panicking Russian tank troops fleeing from a single Ukrainian soldier as Ukraine managed to rip through Putin’s lines.

Routed Russians Fleeing in All Directions

The entire Russian front in Eastern Ukraine is now at risk of a total collapse. This comes after, overnight, defenders of Ukraine pierced through the Russian front, liberating a couple of major towns and cutting off entire Russian groups.

The rout sent Russian forces fleeing for their lives in all possible directions, including regular Russian troops and proxies from the mobilized ethnic Russians from the occupied Ukrainian territories.

The casualties of the Russian military who have been killed in action are estimated at 52,250. However, if proxies and mercenaries from Putin’s several private armies are also factored in, the total number of Russian fighters killed in battle would swell to 90,000 – 100,000.

One Ukrainian estimate that cannot be confirmed puts the total Russian losses at 155,000, including those killed in combat, the wounded, the missing, and the POWs.

(Social media footage snapshot from the dramatic but hilarious fleeing Russian tank video.)

The Hilarious, Panicked Russian Tank Escape

Over the past couple of weeks, Ukrainians have started two large-scale counter-offensives against the Russians, about 800 miles apart.

The first one started in the Kherson region in Southern Ukraine; between 20,000 and 30,000 of Putin’s forces are trapped on the western bank of the large Dnipro Rive and getting pressed from the north and northwest by the Ukrainians.

The second offensive began as a surprise move of the Ukrainian command a couple of days ago when Ukrainian forces first liberated the town of Batakliya.

After that, overnight, they pushed directly east into Russian-occupied territory, liberating Kupyansk, a major railway center, in the Donbas region.

From there, the Ukrainians turned south and surrounded the town of Izyum, a key Russian stronghold, formerly a town of 50,000 people. The routing of Russians produced humiliating scenes of haphazard retreats as the Ukrainians start to really milk their momentum.

One video shot from a Ukrainian drone, named on social media as the most hilarious footage from the Russian invasion of Ukraine so far, shows a rapidly speeding Russian tank fleeing combat.

A single soldier from Ukraine’s special forces emerges on the side of the road, which causes the tank crew to panic, and speed up further. This, in turn, causes four of the Russian soldiers riding on top of the tank to fall off one after the other.

The tank then keeps speeding, tries to make a left turn, and crashes directly into the biggest tree seen in the area, upon which the tree collapses on top of the tank.

The video has become a hit on social media, inviting endless ridicule of the “grand army” of the murderous Russian dictator’s highly incompetent and incapable military.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.