Origins of Smear Campaign Against Trump Found

Hillary Clinton’s former campaign chief has claimed Clinton personally approved the spread of false information which tied Donald Trump to a Russian bank in 2016.

After knowing this clandestine operation of Clinton, Trump has noted he will not fully get his reputation back, which suffered due to the fake Russia scandal.

Clinton Approved Fake Information Spread Against Trump

On Friday, former campaign manager Robby Mook testified in front of the court, which sat down to find the origins of the Trump-Russia scandal. According to Mook, Clinton “agreed” to share the forged information with the media.

James Baker, the former FBI General Counsel, also testified, claiming “nothing” related to Trump’s connections with a Russian bank is true.

These court bombshells have shocked Trump, as well. Speaking to Fox News, he mentioned this is one of the most prominent political scandals in history. 

The former president further stated he fought “crooked people” for almost three years, and he is not going to regain his lost reputation.

He also said a better approach from then-Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Attorney General Bill Barr could have saved him from much chaos.

Furthermore, by investigating him and his 2016 presidential campaign team, law enforcement agencies failed to probe the “real danger” posed by Russia, the former president asserted.

Once the Trump-Russia scandal came into the spotlight, the FBI launched an investigation into the matter back in July 2016. 

The investigation named Crossfire Hurricane was handed over to Special Counsel Robert Muller after the election of Trump.

Almost after two years of rigorous investigation, Muller found no evidence of any ties between Trump and Russia.

“Donald Trump” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Government prosecutor Andrew DeFillippis asked Mook about Clinton’s campaign role in the Alfa Back allegations.

He suggested he got to know the issue from March Elias, who was the campaign general counsel back then. Mook also said Elias claimed this data came from subject experts.

A Historic Conspiracy by Hillary Clinton’s Campaign

Even at a time when the campaign was not assured of the legitimacy of data, it decided to give this information to a reporter, thinking he would “run it down” to find some conclusive evidence, Mook noted.

As per the testimony, Mook asked Clinton whether he should give the information to a reporter and some senior campaign officials.

These included current White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and communication director of the campaign Jennifer Palmieri. On this, Hillary Clinton agreed to disseminate the information.

Mook also denied reports that he or anyone else from Clinton’s campaign gave permission to Michael Sussman to go to the FBI against Trump.

Sussman is the same prosecutor who lied to the FBI that he was not working with any clients, even though he was attached to Clinton’s campaigns.

These events mark a new turn in the Trump-Russia investigations that show how Clinton orchestrated the facts to malign Trump’s reputation.