Oregon Democrats Looking To Create a Safe Haven for Abortions and Gender Therapy

Just when you think the whole thing over abortion laws has finally blown over and we’ve finally gotten rid of the gender identity crowd, they crawl their way back into relevance, this time with some upcoming legislation in Oregon.

As it turns out, the woke lawmakers of the state have been working around the clock to put the Reproductive Health and Access to Care Act into effect. This would allow children of any age to undergo an abortion or gender reassignment surgery without parental consent.

The liberals know no boundaries

What’s even more concerning is they’ve labeled facial reconstruction and hair removal as being medically necessary for the aforementioned surgeries, meaning they will be covered by insurance companies.

Democrat Dan Rayfield was one of the first to support the idea, claiming if someone he knew and loved would like to get an abortion or gender care one day, he’d like for that to be available to them.

What Rayfield probably didn’t consider was the person in question may just be his own child; although it’s safe to say the liberal snowflakes from the Democrat Party probably already groomed their kids into being pro-transgender.

The bill is currently sponsored by state Senator Kate Lieber, who’s pushing the idea that it would help prevent teen suicide, almost as if suicide rates in the post-op transgender community aren’t concerningly high.

The latest liberal fad; genital mutilation

Lieber went on to skew the data out of proportion, claiming LGBTQ youth, a term we’ve only recently adopted, have immensely high suicide rates. This is even more true for those who actually undergo gender reassignment surgery.

The fact that someone is willing to let a child decide whether a mind-and-body-altering procedure is what they really need is disturbing, even more so if you consider this idea is supported by the people running this country.

On top of allowing kids to make these horrible, irreversible decisions, the bill would also allow people to bring a civil action to the courtroom if a public body were to interfere with their rights regarding reproductive health.

However, if you look at the dark side of the trans community, you’ll find nothing more than absolute grief and regret.

Frank Smith, a de-transitioner, claims he underwent genital surgery and gender-reaffirming care while being addicted to meth. This led to years of him navigating his life back to where he’d been before.

An irreversible decision isn’t something that should be left in a child’s hands. That’s even more true if we’re talking about genital mutilation and hormonal therapy, which changes the course of one’s life entirely.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.