One in 4 Dems Require Additional Biology Lessons

"Empathy suit" by Henry Scott

If you’re a man in the US, there’s some shocking news for you. 25% of all Democrats in the country are convinced you could get pregnant, at least according to the latest survey by WPA Intelligence conducted late in August this year.

It found one in four Democrats agreed with the statement “some men” can get pregnant, ignoring the biological fact that those “men” have XX chromosomes.

“Person at Pride parade holding a sign with message “Non-binary identities are VALID”” by Ivan Radic

Throwing common sense out the window

Hilariously enough, this blatant erasure of the female identity is even more prominent in white Democratic women with a college education, setting the stage for the party to continue coddling the gender identity movement.

In fact, this non-issue with gender has taken center stage for the past couple of years, marginalizing other more pressing issues, solely based on popularity. The Democrat Party is doing everything in its power to capitalize on it.

Biden is being celebrated as a trans ally, even though in his 36 years as a Delaware senator and eight years as vice president, he barely even acknowledged the existence of the trans community.

However, that doesn’t mean Biden won’t look to rake in some popularity points with the trans crowd now that things are rough for the administration.

Given how his ratings sunk to record lows, his celebratory announcement of Transgender Day of Visibility was nothing we weren’t expecting.

“Racist myth of binary sex”

Unfortunately, not even science is what it used to be. Healthline posted an article claiming it is indeed possible for “men” to get pregnant, once again playing the “what is a man” card, instead of following basic biology.

We’ve come to the point where a mental illness is validated by medical experts, to the point where it’s no longer recognized as one. The only “treatment” for it is irreversible reassignment surgery, which is one of the main causes of suicide in this demographic.

In fact, well-known and once respectable physicians are accepting the idea gender identity can be chosen and not assigned at birth, signaling we are well into the end times.

After all, why would we limit ourselves to just two genders? It’s not like that’s been the norm for centuries, at least according to Prof. Khiara Bridges, who claims the “racist” idea of binary sex wasn’t even invented until the early 1800s.

As it turns out, Bridges isn’t too familiar with the Bible, a piece of writing which viewed gender as a binary concept long before the 1800s she talks about. This makes it crystal clear she’s viewing everything through the prism of race.

Can men get pregnant? Possibly, if you’re willing to change the definition of the word “man.” Although the Democrats don’t shy away from a challenge; just look at what they did with “recession.”

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.