Obamas Strike Amazon Deal Worth Tens of Millions of Dollars After Spotify Fiasco

The financial fortunes of the Obama family are about to improve a lot.

Former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama signed a new business deal with Amazon’s Audible after their previous deal with streaming service Spotify collapsed in April.

Obamas’ Entertainment Industry March Speeds Up

The financial parameters of an “exclusive multi-year first-look production deal” signed between Audible, Amazon’s podcast/audiobook service, and the Obamas’ company Higher Grounds are kept secret.

However, a report by Bloomberg claimed it would be worth at least tens of millions of dollars.

Reports from 2020 put Barack Obama’s net worth at $70 million, while his combined net worth with his wife, Michelle Obama, is at $135 million.

The Obamas have been no strangers to flaunting their lavish lifestyle in public, oblivious to the fact a growing number of Americans are struggling to make ends meet, thanks to their political ally, Joe Biden, in the White House.

The Obamas’ wealth has remained unshaken by the fiasco of their collaboration with Spotify.

For the three years their deal with Spotify lasted, the Obamas managed to produce a combined total of only 18 podcast episodes; yet, their deal with the streaming giant was also likely worth at least tens of millions of dollars.

Both Audible and the Obamas announced on Tuesday they finalized their brand-new production deal, but were thrifty on both financial and duration details.

However, the statement of the former first couple was overflowing with lofty rhetoric and leftist corporate lingo.

All About Making ‘Inspiring Stories’ or Huge Cash

In his comments in the press release of Higher Ground, Barack Obama ranted about how they have been striving to “lift up voices” deserving “to be heard.”

He elaborated that Audible decided to realize “that vision alongside us.” Joe Biden’s ex-boss then added he is eager to partner with the Amazon subsidiary in order to “tell stories” that “entertain,” but also “inspire.”

Michelle Obama was even less shy than her husband about the corporate, money-focused approach.

She proudly declared “no one” is more suitable for their “next chapter” than Audible. This is a company set up by the world’s second richest, Jeff Bezos, who also happens to be the owner of the Marxist propaganda machine that is The Washington Post.

Against that “inspiring” corporate backdrop, the former first lady vowed that she and Barack Obama are going to “keep striving” to produce “compelling, provocative, soulful stories.”

Michelle Obama also emphasized a promise to “make sure” their “stories” are going to “reach” those “folks” who need them.

Besides their failed deal with Spotify and now the new one with Amazon’s Audible, the Obamas also have a production deal with Netflix, another big-league far-left player that rakes in big cash for them.