Obama to Make Last Ditch Effort to Help John Fetterman

In Pennsylvania, Senate Democratic candidate John Fetterman appears on track to lose to his GOP opponent, Mehmet Oz.

Fetterman previously led Oz in polls. Though his advantage began to evaporate as more news came out about the Pennsylvania Democrat’s record on various policies, notably crime.

To make matters worse, last month, Fetterman and Oz debated. While the Pennsylvania Republican came off as concise and thoughtful in his policies, Fetterman was all over the place.

The Democrat visibly struggled with understanding and responding to questions. He also lied several times about his record on fracking, along with a host of other issues.

As Fetterman now appears set to lose this race, former President Obama is going to rally in Pennsylvania on his behalf, according to Breitbart News.

What to Know About Obama Stumping For Fetterman

On Saturday, Obama will be in Pittsburgh to try convincing Pennsylvania voters to elect Fetterman into the Senate. The former president’s visit comes after Biden himself went to Pennsylvania days ago to rally for Fetterman, following his disastrous debate.

Taking to social media, the Pennsylvania Democratic candidate expressed that he was thrilled to have Obama rallying for him.

In stating this, Fetterman also revealed that when Obama first ran for president in 2008, he was the lone mayor in Western Pennsylvania to endorse Obama.

As Fetterman has Obama rallying by his side, Mehmet Oz will also have Republicans coming out to Pennsylvania over the weekend to stump for his own campaign.

What Democrats Want Americans to Forget About Fetterman

Democrats constantly allege that democracy is going to die if Republicans take Congress. This is why Obama, Biden, and the left-wing calvary are doing all they can to block Oz from taking a Pennsylvania Senate seat.

Yet, if a Republican were slurring their words months after a stroke and lying about their record on policy, Democrats would have a major issue with it.

On the debate stage last month, Fetterman said he’s always been in favor of fracking. Yet, there are videos for just a few years back where Fetterman clearly states he’s opposed to fracking and always will be.

Furthermore, during his time in power thus far, Fetterman has consistently supported and voted for getting violent, dangerous offenders released onto the streets.

Oz and other Republicans are warning that it’s not safe for someone with the Pennsylvania Democrat’s history and record to be holding a seat in the Senate.

The various speech and auditory issues that Fetterman has after suffering a stroke are also all the more reason why he’s unfit to be a congressional member.

What do you think about the Democrats who are rallying behind Fetterman, despite the many issues with his candidacy? In the comments area below, you are more than welcome to sound off with your thoughts.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.