Obama Silent After Finding Fetterman Struggling in Debate

Former President Barack Obama, who backed Democratic Senate candidate John Fetterman in Pennsylvania, is completely silent after Fetterman’s blunders in his debate with Republican nominee Dr. Mehmet Oz.

Just last week, Obama established that Pennsylvanian voters should elect Fetterman to save American democracy.

Obama Running Away From Fetterman’s Campaign

In a 30-second video message for the Fetterman campaign, Obama claimed Fetterman would help in protecting democracy and women’s right of abortion in the United States.

Likewise, while appearing on a political podcast, Pod Save America, Obama mentioned Fetterman is completely able to do “normal conversation.”

According to Obama, Fetterman and other Democratic candidates are aware of Americans’ problems; so everyone should vote for them.

After getting Obama’s support, John Fetterman engaged in a one and only debate against his Republican competitor, Mehmet Oz, on Tuesday.

Before the speech, Fetterman noted he could miss some words during the debate, due to auditory processing difficulties he has been facing since May, when he faced a dangerous stroke.

Throughout the speech, Fetterman was unable to talk normally. He was using closed-captioning technology to follow the debate, but still, he was struggling to complete sentences at times.

The debate was the first time when voters saw Fetterman speaking live without any script in a nearly one-hour conversation.

During the debate, Fetterman, who previously opposed fracking, even claimed he always supported it. While talking about fracking, Fetterman seemed confused. He claimed he did not support fracking, but changed his position immediately while claiming he does support it. 

Over the months, Fetterman was expected to defeat Oz by a big margin, but his inability to engage in daily conversations started shifting voters towards the Republican candidate.

Obama Once Came to Rescue Fetterman

Once Fetterman’s lead in polls started diminishing, Obama came to rescue him since he won Pennsylvania in both of his presidential races by a significant margin. This means he enjoys an overwhelming amount of support in the state.

Obama came to support Fetterman at a time when Biden was completely reluctant to campaign for him. Although Biden met Fetterman privately, the president did not mention the name of the Senate candidate even once during a recent event in Pennsylvania.

Meanwhile, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre noted Biden believes Fetterman will be an impressive addition to the Senate. Furthermore, the secretary added Biden talked with Fetterman and found him competent to do his duties as a senator.

However, Jean-Pierre did not reveal whether Biden wants Fetterman to release his medical records or not. Fetterman suffered an almost-fatal stroke in May, after which he is struggling for normal conversation.

Many political observers established Fetterman, who cannot engage in a simple debate, might not be completely fit to be a senator.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.