Obama Resorted to Sarcastic Comments to Win Over Voters

Last Friday, December 2, 2022, marked the end of early voting for the run-off election in Georgia between incumbent Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock and Republican candidate Herschel Walker.

However, as the race is tight, former President Barack Obama rallied behind Warnock, resorting to mockery and sarcastic jokes against his Republican opponent.

Obama Rallying Behind Warnock

During the final stretch of the campaign on Thursday, Obama appeared in front of the crowd as he tried to win over voters for Warnock.

The former president aimed at Walker’s previous stories, seemingly dissecting bits of what Walker mentioned in his rallies, particularly the one made last November.

Obama stated since the last time he was in Georgia, Walker and him were talking about important issues, such as whether it is better to be a werewolf or a vampire.

He was seemingly referring to the side story mentioned by Walker in his rally last November. The former president continued, stating he confesses werewolf vs. vampire is a debate he once had when he was seven years old.

The former president, speaking to the laughing crowd, added that Walker decided to be a “werewolf,” which Obama said was great.

The former president added that as far as he is concerned, the Republican candidate can be anything he would like to be, except a senator of the United States.

Obama then moved on to rebut the alleged claim made by Walker that they used to play basketball and Walker would let the former president beat him in basketball. The former president stated they never met, adding it was merely “imaginary whooping.”

He continued, saying these alleged comments made by Walker would have been funny in any other instance, but not when he is running in the high-profile senatorial race.

Georgia Run-Off Election Will Determine Fate of Senate

The former president continued to look for loopholes to attack the Republican candidate, stating when people are spending more time thinking about horror films than the folks they would like to represent, that speaks a lot about one’s priorities.

Obama closed his speech by saying the people in Georgia deserve someone they can be “proud of.”

In his mid-November rally, Walker made side stories about a fictional film with vampires and werewolves, stating he found out werewolves can kill vampires. However, this side note was blown out of proportion and has been repeatedly lambasted by the Democrat Party.

The runoff election in Georgia between incumbent Senator Raphael Warnock and Republican candidate Herschel Walker will happen on December 6.

According to reports, voters in Georgia have already cast over 1.4 million ballots during the early voting stage, which ended last Friday.

Although the Democrat Party already had control of the Senate, the outcome of the runoff election on Tuesday will determine whether the Senate will stay evenly divided or whether Democrats will hold the majority of 51 – 49.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.