Obama Makes Key Decision About Midterms and Shocks His Own Party

The name Barack Obama is one we haven’t heard for a while and perhaps we should be glad about that.

Maybe the former president has been hiding out in his mansion to get away from the illegal immigrants Ron DeSantis sent to blue cities.

Whatever the case, the smooth-talking globalist puppet is now back and sounding out about the midterms.

The reason why is simple: Democrats are going crazy with panic about their collapsing poll numbers ahead of the midterms in November and they want Obama’s help. What he’s doing instead is not living up to their expectations.

Democrats Send Out Distress Call

The Democrats need all the help they can get; they’re hoping Obama’s name recognition could be the lifesaver in these midterms. They’re not going to get any big wins based on Biden’s abysmal record, that’s for sure.

However, Obama doesn’t want to play ball and is very cautious about backing candidates. This is upsetting the party, who wants the weight of his name behind a number of key races.

At this point, his support is looking limited: some ad recordings will be made at the White House where Biden and Obama will appear side by side, but it’s clear the Democrats would like a lot more from him.

In particular, Democrats are losing a lot of support among minorities and black Americans and they want Obama onboard to help shore up that vote.

‘You’re Our Only Hope Obama-Wan’

Democrats aren’t hiding their anxiety about having Obama’s support in the election.

They really need the black vote, especially in urban centers like Detroit and Philly. If too many black Democrat voters stay home, they are not going to perform anywhere near their expectations and they know it.

They also want the younger demographic to show up, the kind of young folks who helped propel Obama to the presidency in 2008.

Obama will help out a few campaigns for Senate and the House, but he’s not doing anywhere as much as they want.

Obama is focused on other goals right now, including building up his foundation for spreading globalism around the world.

The “Democracy Forum” is exactly what you’d expect. This will just be an annual event that tackles issues like fake news and fighting climate change and the inequalities of capitalism.

Perhaps Obama should take a long hard look in the mirror or pick up a copy of the Steele Dossier. The former president should re-read the fake news that he and his cronies engaged in and the treasonous espionage they engaged in against President Trump.

Key Takeaway

The Democrats are going down the drain where they belong; the chances of Obama saving them are decreasing by the day.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.