Obama Made Bold Statements, False Accusations Against the GOP

On Saturday, former President Obama made statements that triggered fiery responses from Republican lawmakers. This came after he accused the GOP of “systematically” preventing Americans from voting. 

Obama: Democrats making it easier for people to vote; Republicans systematically stopping people from voting

During his campaign speech in Virginia for gubernatorial Democrat candidate, Terry McAuliffe, the former president claimed the Democrat Party is attempting to make it easier for people to vote, instead of making it harder for them to vote.

Obama then pushed back on Republicans, claiming the party is attempting to systematically stop ordinary Americans from having their voices heard through voting. Obama then alleged Republicans do not want Americans to vote and the public should ask themselves why. 

The office of the former president did not immediately respond to requests for comments in relation to the blatant accusations Obama made. 

Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe is in a dead-even fight with Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin for the governorship in Virginia. According to the latest survey from Monmouth University, both candidates received 46% of likely voters’ support. 

On the other hand, Youngkin’s party fired back at the claims Obama made, noting the remarks made by the former president are nothing but “false statements.” 

Biden earned “four Pinocchios” for previously making the same claims

It is still not clear what policies the former president was referring to in his speech. However, Democrats have been attacking the voting laws of Georgia over the past months. In March, Biden claimed the law in Georgia intends to end the early voting hours.

“Four Pinocchios” were earned by Biden from the Washington Post, due to his allegations. The outlet also explained the remarks by the president foster the spread of misinformation.

They added out of all the experts they consulted, there’s not a single one who studied the law and understands why the president make this claim. This is especially noteworthy, seeing as the section of the law expands early voting for the people in Georgia. 

McAuliffe, the Democrat candidate, received support from various distinguished Democrats in the tight gubernatorial race. Former President Obama, Vice President Kamala Harris, as well as first lady Jill Biden, have also campaigned for McAuliffe. President Biden is likewise elated to campaign with McAuliffe in Arlington on Tuesday. 

In the recent days, abortion laws and school curriculums have been the main focus of McAuliffe’s campaign. On the other hand, his Republican opponent vowed to put an end to critical race theory. Youngkin stated if elected, he will be standing “on offense” in order to ban abortion. 

On Saturday, Youngkin told his supporters everyone knows education begins with school curriculums, adding that he aims to teach children all the facts in history, including, the good and bad.