NYC Mayor Thinks Republicans Are Human Rights Abusers

New York City’s Mayor Eric Adams accused Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and Texas Governor Greg Abbott of covering up human rights violations by sending illegal immigrants to blue cities.

Adams claimed both the Republican governors are promoting gun violence in America; so, they are sending illegal immigrants to blue cities just to hide their own oppression.

Liberal Mayor Goes to Great Lengths to Defend Biden’s Open Border Policy

Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union,” Adams noted Abbott and DeSantis are proliferating guns in the United States, which is a violation of fundamental human rights.

Furthermore, Adams continued that Republican governors are only purging their migrants to blue cities to cover up their chronic human rights abuses.

Recently, DeSantis sent 50 illegal immigrants to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, which triggered White House officials, as well as congressional Democrats. Liberal lawmakers claim DeSantis is pursuing human trafficking and his actions are nothing more than publicity stunts.

Likewise, Adams noted New York City is facing a rising humanitarian crisis, as at least six buses of illegal immigrants reached the city on Saturday. Since May, NYC received more than 11,000 illegal immigrants and asylum seekers, Adams added.

Liberal cities are decrying a few thousand illegal immigrants at a time when more than two million illegal immigrants encountered have happened on the US Southern border this fiscal year.

Fox News reported that Martha’s Vineyard’s self-declared humanitarian crisis is only 0.0025% of the overall border crisis.

Adams’ Sanctuary City Policy Backfired

While trying to protect the reputation of the Biden administration, Adams claimed the whole country needs to coordinate in order to solve the issue of the migrant influx.

As America always kept its borders open for everyone, Adams continued, it should allow those people who are trying to participate in the American dream.

Meanwhile, media outlets believe Adams is finally acknowledging that the border crisis is really impacting the United States.

According to Jake Tapper of CNN, Adams’s comments mean he is urging the Biden administration to take the open border issues seriously; more than 1,700 illegal immigrants are coming to the US only from El Paso daily.

In a separate interview on ABC News on Sunday, Adams refused to back Vice President Kamala Harris over her recent claims the US southern border is safe and secure.

Instead, Adams established everyone should better coordinate to ensure the safety of the US southern border. 

Similarly, the ABC interviewer asked Adams if his policy of making NYC a sanctuary destination backfired or not, referring to the mayor’s previous tweet in which he claimed NYC will remain a sanctuary destination under his leadership.

Adams responded NYC was always a sanctuary place, as the city historically welcomed everyone who wanted to pursue the American dream.