NYC Dad Says, Private School Parents Pressured To Become BLM Activist

"#blm" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Aaron Fulkerson

A father shared details about an elite school’s left-wing culture in a new viral video interview with Fox News.

A New York City father, Andrew Gutmann went viral after sharing details about The Bearley School’s left-wing culture. He said that he has to pull his daughter out of school after seven years, saying “obsession with race must stop.”

Gutmann shot to national attention after sending Bari Weiss, former New York Times editor a scathing letter addressed to Brearley parents, saying the $54,000-a-year institution’s “obsession with race must stop,” referring to The Bearley School’s left-wing culture. 

“We already do a horrific job in this country teaching history, and now we’re going to make that 10 times worse, we’re going to eradicate that,” Gutmann warns in the new interview. 

He added, “Our country doesn’t survive not teaching history and civics, and it sure as hell doesn’t survive teaching our children to hate their country and their history.” 

“BLM” (public domain) by Daniel Lobo

According to Gutmann, left-wing activism was the norm at the school. He said families were pressured to “advocate for Black Lives Matter.” He also added that his takeaway takeaway from the school’s messaging was: “We want you, we want your daughter, from kindergarten to 12th grade, we want your family to be an activist.” 

The father from New York described the pressure to confirm to the school’s culture so intense” that “if you just stay silent, you’re racist. You have to be an activist for that. If you’re not an activist for an antiracism initiative, for Black Lives Matter, for example, you are racist, you are a bad person, you are an oppressor, you are not doing the right thing.” 

Gutmann added, the school “made it sound like they’re going to integrate this racial curriculum, this anti-racism curriculum, into everything – every class, into math, into gym, P.E., it was shocking that they were taking that degree of integrating it into everything,” describing the issue as “pervasive.”

On Monday, another fed-up father told “Fox & Friends First” that he pulled his 9 year old daughter out of a New York City private school due to race related curriculum and moved to Florida. 

Harvey Goldman said, “Little children don’t need to feel bad about the color of their skin. That’s what they’re teaching them, to feel bad about who they are.” 

He continued, “Schools are supposed to be teaching you confidence,” adding that most parents are teachers are “scared to say something.”

Goldman also pointed out that the Heschel School in Manhattan was “teaching these young children about having white privilege” and “the murder of George Floyd,” which he noted, “wasn’t an established murder” at that point. 

The father also added that the school, which reportedly cost $43,000 a year, was teaching students about Black Lives Matter, which he said he believes is “Marxist and destructive.” 

He said, “I heard about it because I read one of their newsletters that came out. There was a little blurb about changing the curriculum and I questioned it.” 

In September, Goldman wrote a letter to the Heschel School. He wrote, “First and foremost, neither I, nor my child, have ‘white privilege,’ nor do we need to apologize for it.” 

He went on to write, “Suggesting I do is insulting. Suggesting to my 9-year-old child she does is child abuse, not education.”

In response to his letter, Heschel administrators suggested he take his daughter out of the school and he did. 

Goldman then moved to Florida and enrolled his daughter in a public school that he made sure did not include critical race theory (CRT) in the curriculum. The New York Post reported, noting that “CRT is a controversial prescription for addressing racial issues centered around the idea of ‘white privilege,’” which “originated in universities and has spread to K-12 schools, both public and private.”