Nuclear War is Just Hanging on the World

The United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres warned the world about possible nuclear war, as Russian aggression against Ukraine continues.

Nuclear War is Reality Now

On Monday, António Guterres stated nuclear war is within the “realm of possibility.”

According to Reuters, Guterres mentioned Russia’s move to put its nuclear forces on high alert some days ago was actually a “bone-chilling development.”

Guterres also established the likelihood of nuclear war was once “unthinkable,” however, it is turning out to be a real threat to the world these days.

Furthermore, he suggested the world should stop unleashing further horrors on Ukrainians and find a pragmatic solution, based on diplomacy and peace.

As the news regarding the Russian control over Ukraine’s largest atomic reactor went viral, global concerns are rising that a major nuclear disaster can just be a matter of time now.

While announcing $40 million of UN funding for Ukrainians, António Guterres added the nuclear facilities of the country should be protected to avoid any possible danger.

The funds given will be used for food, medicine, water, and the supply of other lifesaving aid, alongside giving hard cash to the country.

Just on the fourth day of the invasion, Russian President Vladamir Putin changed the status of his nuclear forces. However, Biden’s national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, stated the American nuclear alert level is still unchanged.

According to Sullivan, the country is looking into its nuclear status hour by hour as this is a thing of paramount importance to national security.

In order to avert the persisting war in Ukraine, the Secretary-General noted he is in contact with many countries, including France, Israel, China, and Germany. 

He hoped the appeals for peace should not go unheard, as “it’s never too late” to reach a solution using diplomatic efforts.

Putin Does Not Like Defeat in Military Conflict

There is a prevailing school of thought that Putin does not like defeat in military combat, which can encourage him to launch a nuclear attack on Ukraine if things go south.

Currently, Russian forces are facing unexpected resistance from Ukraine, so they are being pushed into a dead-end tunnel. In order to get out of this, the Russian president may go down the nuclear route to escape this war.

The involvement of nuclear actors in military conflicts worldwide rang alarm bells about the possibility of a war driven by weapons of mass destruction.

Apart from Russia, other nuclear or wanna-be nuclear nations have also been seen adopting aggressive posture in global politics.

For instance, China warned other countries not to help Taiwan militarily.

Likewise, Iran attacked Israeli targets in Iraq using missiles, which is also supposed to raise geo-political tensions in the Middle East.

Not only this, but India acknowledged that technical malfunctioning fired a missile “accidentally” in Pakistan.

Both India and Pakistan are nuclear neighbors and have been to four major wars to date.