North Korea Warns of Preemptive Nuclear Attack

North Korean President Kim Jong-Un warned the world about a potential preemptive nuclear strike, saying he could take this extreme measure if his country felt threatened.

North Korea Can Launch a Preemptive Nuclear Strike 

While praising his military leadership, Kim stated North Korea has a “firm will” to keep expanding its nuclear program and use the bombs “preemptively if necessary.”

According to the state-controlled media outlet Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), Kim was attending a military parade where he talked about his dangerous ambitions.

The country showcased its state-of-the-art weaponry during the parade.

Included in these weapons were the intercontinental ballistic missiles. These can reach mainland America and short missiles, which are supposed to target neighboring countries like South Korea and Japan.

These parades of Kim are part of his plans to coerce America to accept the nuclear status of his country and lift its chronic economic sanctions.

Addressing his supporters and the army, Kim suggested he would try to maximize his nuclear capability at the “fastest possible speed,” and if he is provoked, he would not hesitate to use this capability.

Likewise, he added his nuclear weapons are not limited to acting as a “war deterrent.” They can be used if the North’s “fundamental interests” are compromised.

Experts believe Kim’s will to defend his unspecified fundamental interests is likely to trigger a major clash with the US, Japan, and South Korea.

This comes at a time when conservative leadership is about to assume power in South Korea, which, unlike liberals, is expected to take a tough stance against the North.

Kim Taking Advantage of Russia-Ukraine Conflict

In the ongoing year, North Korea has emerged as one of the fastest-growing countries militarily, as it officially conducted 13 rounds of weapons launches so far in 2022.

Reportedly, Kim perceived the UN Security Council was busy in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, so the international organization would not react to its launches the way it used to.

Some reports are also indicating that North Korea is building tunnels under its nuclear testing sites, which is a sign the country can do public nuclear testing for the first time in its history.

Kim is likely to test his nukes between May 10 and May 21, when the new South Korean president is likely to meet with Joe Biden.

These comments of Kim came after yet another controversial episode of his sister, who lambasted the defense minister of South Korea earlier this month.

She claimed the North had the capability to annihilate the South’s conventional forces if provoked.

The conservative president-elect of South Korea, Yoon Suk Yeol, already asserted during his election campaign that his country will also enhance its preemptive strike capabilities by collaborating with the United States.

A South Korean professor Leif-Eric Easley noted at the pace with which the North is developing its weapons, Kim is surely looking beyond deterring an attack.