Newsom in “Serious Trouble” and He Knows It

Larry Elder is a candidate in next month’s recall election in California and the front-runner in recent polls. Elder has also stated that Gov. Gavin Newsom is standing on unstable political ground.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder said Newsom knows he is in serious trouble

In an interview on Tuesday with Fox News, Elder stated that Newsom is in “serious trouble” and Newsom knows it. This is referring to the latest polls which show that Republican voters are more likely to turn out in the recall election.

(YouTube) Fox News | August 10, 2021

According to the recent polls, California voters who were likely to vote in the recall election are divided on removing Newsom. Elder also mentioned that the public opinion polls are right between the margin of error. It shows that half of the California voters want him out, while the other half don’t. 

The recent polls also show how the turnout will more likely be in the election next month, in a state where Democrats highly outnumber Republican voters. Two weeks ago, one of the latest surveys conducted by the UC Berkley Institute of Governmental Studies indicated that Republican voters seem to be more motivated to cast their vote in the recall election compared to Democrat supporters.

Although Republican voters only account for almost a quarter of the registered voters in the state, the survey suggests that they make up a third of the people who will most likely cast their vote in the recall election. 

Newsom and his team claims that the recall election is an effort against him by Republicans and Trump supporters

Meanwhile, Newsom together with his political team has been saying for months that the recall election against him is an effort of Republicans, Trump supporters, as well as the conservative media to remove him from office.

Thus, it is not a surprise that in recent weeks, Newsom’s team has been lambasting Elder by sending out press releases, social media posts, and emails emphasizing Elder’s opposition to the minimum wage and his alleged downplaying of the country’s concerns with racial inequity and climate change. 

Then on Monday, Newsom said in a statement that Elder is “more extreme” than former President Trump in many aspects. Thus, it is important to focus on him. On Tuesday, Elder responded saying that he knows Newsom is getting worried about him. 

Elder reportedly hauled a whopping $4.5 million fundraised, 19 days after he first launched his campaign. Although he declined to aim at his Republican rivals in the recall election, Elder stated that he is “way ahead” of other GOP rivals. He added that he have raised more funds than all of them, so he is not worried about his rivals on the Republican side.