New York Times Will Be Sued For Smear Campaigns

For a long time, the liberal news outlet, New York Times, campaigned against the wife of a conservative Supreme Court justice for her alleged involvement in the January 6 riots.

However, the New York Times is now being sued for launching a baseless smear campaign against the wife of Justice Clarence Thomas.

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New York Times in Danger Over Smear Campaign

Mark Paolette, a friend of Ginni Thomas, the wife of Justice Thomas Clarence, is all set to challenge the New York Times’ claims that Ginni played a “mediating role” in the January 6 crisis.

In an extraordinarily long thread comprising 21 tweets, Paolette defended Ginni against the allegations put forward by the liberal media outlet.

He stated although Ginni attended the January 6 rally, she left the scene before the speech of Donald Trump.

Paolette further added the newspaper is unable to stop its smear campaign against the justice’s wife.

The liberal media outlet tied a conservative organization, the Tea Party Patriots, with the January 6 episode; Ginni Thomas is a part of that organization.

According to the head of the conservative group Jenny Beth Martin, Ginni had nothing to do with the whole event.

Martin also asserted he only received an invitation to speak to the crowd that day, but the address never happened. Ginni did not have any conversation with him regarding the invitation.

While the New York Times pledged to fix its manipulated story, it did not take any action to rectify its mistake, Paolette indicted.

Thus, neither Ginni, nor the conservative group, played the mediating role in the crisis, per Paolette.

Mainstream Democrats Don’t Want to Impeach Thomas

Left-leaning groups and media outlets continued accusing Ginni of her active involvement in the riots and even blamed her husband for the conspiracy.

Some Democrats even stated the Supreme Court justice should be impeached from his office.

Progressive stalwarts AOC and Ilhan Omar were the most vocal proponents for the impeachment of the judge.

Apart from these riots, Ginni Thomas is also accused of amplifying Trump’s voter fraud narrative. She allegedly sent a text message to former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows regarding the election fraud.

For this reason, far-left Democrats tied the Supreme Court Justice with all of the post-2020 election events, as he may share ideals with his wife.

Progressive Congresswoman Pramila Jayapal noted the judge should “recuse himself” from his wife, claiming it is “outrageous” that he hasn’t done it so far.

Rep. Hank Johnson, who is a member of the House Judiciary panel, even asked the judge to resign from the top court.

These far-left concerns are not being entertained by mainstream Democrats, though.

House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler stated while he is concerned about the events on January 6, it is not the time to think about censure or impeachment of the justice.