New York Times Investigates Itself and Finds Out It’s Racist

The New York Times is one of America’s largest media chains. They have 9.1 million subscribers across the country and are regularly parroted by network news and leftist politicians looking for credibility.

However, the fact is the NYT has slid a long way since it was started in 1896; in the past few decades, it’s become known as an openly far-left organization.

Now, it’s getting its just desserts after an NYT worker union did a review of the work environment at the paper and found out that it’s systemically racist.

Yes, really…

The Racist New York Times

The New York Times has approximately 2,000 journalists and news staff, and much more staff in its other departments, including marketing, printing, distribution, online, and more.

One of the main unions that represents the interests of the paper is named NewsGuild; they recently decided to do an investigatory poll into how the NYT treats its staff.

They began collecting this data back in 2018 and ended up sampling the experiences of 1,000 random NYT employees of all backgrounds and demographics.

What they found out was black and Hispanic workers got worse work assessments and fewer promotions. If it were a few percent, obviously this could be attributed to random chance.

Though it’s not a few percent: NewsGuild found that Hispanic NYT employees were promoted 60% less than white ones; black were promoted 50% less than white employees.

That’s a pretty big race gap, especially for a paper that crows day and night about racial sensitivity and falsely accuses conservatives of being race-obsessed and racist!

Perhaps the NYT should look at its own ugly face in the mirror before trying to divide the country any further.

A Hard Time For Latinos

The NewsGuild survey found that black NYT employees started doing a bit better over the past few years, while Latinos got even fewer promotions and positive reviews.

One of those who participated is Ben Casselman, who works in the NYT’s economics department.

He said they really wanted to find out more about the work environment and race relations at the NYT; that’s part of why he agreed to take part in NewsGuild’s project. The findings have disappointed him and others.

NYT, for its part, says it is starting an “action plan” to make the paper better for “everyone.” Presumably, “everyone” will not include conservatives.

The Bottom Line

NewsGuild went in with an open mind to find out what factors might be affecting job reviews and promotions. What they found was the NYT keeps people of color down.

This is inconvenient for an organization that likes to pretend to occupy a place of moral superiority. Maybe the NYT should shut up about racism until it can fix its own race problem.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.