New Press Secretary Stumbles With Big Lie About Gas Prices

Karine Jeane-Pierre is the new Haitian-born press secretary who stands up for Joe Biden and his administration. She was brought in to fill the vacancy left by former press secretary Jen Psaki, who left for greener pastures as a commentator at MSNBC.

Jean-Pierre has tried to bring a calm and peaceful demeanor to the podium; she seems like a fairly likable woman.

Unfortunately, however, her job is to cover for the most corrupt administration in US history; that’s already leading to some real gaffes.

The latest came with Psaki’s main nemesis: Fox News reporter Peter Doocy, who asked a fair question about gas prices.

Jean-Pierre Ducks Doocy

Biden recently decided to add to his list of who’s to blame for high oil and gas prices.

First, it was Americans who won’t buy electric vehicles and “go green.” Then it was Vladimir Putin for invading Ukraine. Now, he’s also saying it’s the oil companies who won’t lower their costs and are price gouging.

Biden sent one letter to Exxon that was not well received by the company. Exxon told Biden to stop messing with the energy industry and creating so much instability and mistrust about his support for American energy production.

Biden doesn’t care. He expects the oil companies that he banned from drilling on federal land, turned down lease applications, and refused to allow to build refineries to now shell out all their profits because it’s the patriotic thing to do.

Jean-Pierre echoed this hollow message, saying companies can’t hide behind the war and need to start paying their fair share. So, in other words, she talked about the war and said oil companies that don’t become charities are unpatriotic.

Doocy then chimed in with his question; he asked whether this means Biden is no longer pursuing his objective of moving the US entirely away from fossil fuels down the road.

Jean-Pierre responded Biden and his crew still want to eventually eliminate fossil fuels, calling it a “clean energy” and “climate change” policy.

However, she said the current crisis also doesn’t change their desire to cut back and won’t pressure them to increase drilling permits. If that made no sense to you, good…because it’s nonsense.

Complete Biden-Crap Nonsense

This word salad from Jean-Pierre makes no sense.

They want less oil and gas and to get to all green energy, but they expect oil companies who’ve been intentionally handicapped by Biden’s policies to come up with more energy for less money?

How does that work? Do you nationalize the companies under some kind of communist system and force them to do that?

Or do they think oil companies are charities that are willing to lose big when the market craters, like during the pandemic, and also lose out since their product has gone up in value?

This is basically the left saying: yes, we stabbed you in the back, but please help us out just this once, again.