New Polls Make Democrats Unlikely to Win the Senate

For quite some time, it’s been said the Senate is a tossup during next month’s midterm elections.

While the House of Representatives looks likely to go in the GOP’s favor, the Senate is going to be determined by statewide elections, rather than districts. In these senatorial races, some Democrats and Republicans are neck-in-neck with one another.

However, that looks to be changing. As Democrats run on platforms that are increasingly far left, they’re losing and alienating voters. Meanwhile, Republicans are running on platforms that are designed to reach out to all voters.

Now, recent information from Newsmax shows Democrats are losing out in battleground states that will determine the outcome of the Senate.

A New Twist in America’s Senate Elections

Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are two battleground states that will determine how the power balance in the Senate shakes out. Democrats Mandela Barnes and John Fetterman are losing the leads they had over Republicans Ron Johnson and Mehmet Oz.

Currently, Barnes is behind Johnson in the polls; meanwhile, the substantial lead that Fetterman had over Oz has dwindled down by what now looks to be a tie.

Democratic candidates Barnes and Fetterman have largely seen their lax positions on crime come back to bite them. It turns out that many voters have reservations about policies that would let criminals out of prison early or otherwise treat them with kid gloves.

If Democrats keep it up, they’re likely to lose these two elections. This paves the way for Republicans to take the Senate if they’re able to hold onto these two seats, along with winning at least one more.

High Stakes Elections

The midterms are going to play a very huge role in what the remainder of the Biden presidency looks like.

If Republicans are successful in taking back even just one chamber in November, this will break the current monopoly that Democrats have over power in the federal government.

Republicans are hard at work to convince voters of the horror that awaits if Democrats aren’t defeated in a little over one month’s time.

The left has been clear that it has no plans to stop any of its current policies if the midterms go in their favor; in fact, Democrats have been clear that they intend to double down on their current spending if they still have the power to do so after November.

The next few weeks will determine how the elections turn out for Barnes, Fetterman, and other candidates running for the Senate in November.

Do you think Republicans will manage to win the Senate back next month? Let us know in the comments area how you see these elections turning out for Democrats as they run for Congress.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.