NEW Drone Footage Shows the SHOCKING Surge of Migrants

Recent drone footage shows the continuous rush of migrants at the border, with the numbers doubling to more than 8,000 apprehensions in one day.

Border Patrol agents overwhelmed by the doubling number of migrant apprehensions

Border Patrol agents are severely overwhelmed by the number of migrants crossing the border, with one source saying the conditions are getting extremely out of control.

This statement was bolstered by the recent drone footage released by Fox News. This drone footage shows a shocking swarm of people under the international bridge in Texas; these folks are waiting to be apprehended by law enforcement officials.

On Wednesday, there were 4,000 migrants apprehended. However, the next day, this number doubled, as there were more than 8,200 migrants shown at the border.

Border Patrol officials noted every minute, more and more people walk in. Also, most of the people seen lately were Haitians, as they crossed the worldwide bridge in Del Rio.

The video footage released shows the face of the crisis the Biden administration is still struggling to handle. The surge of migrants is relentless as agents at the border are getting more and more overwhelmed. Republicans are seeing Biden’s immigration policies as the cause of the continued surge in numbers.

According to data released by the Border Patrol, 208,887 migrants were recorded last month. Although there is a slight drop in numbers compared to the 212,000 apprehensions in July, it is the second time the numbers breached 200,000.

What’s concerning is out of this number, only 19% of family units were expelled under Title 42 and only 44% were expelled under the public health protections.

The number recorded in August this year is a 317% increase compared to August 2019

The number recorded in August 2021 is a 317% spike, compared to the numbers last year in August 2019 of only 50,014 apprehensions. It is likewise 233% higher, opposed to August of 2019 with 62,707 migrants recorded.

Due to concerns that migrants are making multiple entries to the U.S., the Biden administration started flying migrants expelled under Title 42 to Mexico.

As the Biden administration grapples to manage the crisis, the president and his supporters are throwing the blame on the former administration.

They alleged the reasons for this are the sealing off of legal avenues to asylum and getting rid of means that professedly aim at addressing corruption, violence, and poverty in Central America, which is the administration claims to be the root causes of the migration.

On the other hand, Republicans are claiming Biden and his administration are to blame. They are pointing at how the president got rid of Trump-era policies that inhibit migrants from storming the borders.

Included in these policies are the building of the border wall and the Migrant Protection Protocol. The recent video footage showing the huge crowd of migrants was also referred to by Republicans as evidence of failure by the Biden administration.