New Concerns Raised About Evidence Presented by January 6 Panel

In real time, there are many existing concerns about how individual cases surrounding January 6 have been handled. Right now, many defendants continue to sit behind bars as they wait for their day in court.

Others who have been given their day in court were hit with sentences that numerous Americans feel are far too harsh.

On top of this, questions continue to rise regarding why the January 6 protesters are being treated more severely than the left-wing rioters who burned major cities during the summer of 2020.

Now, breaking news reveals that evidence presented by the January 6 panel during the last congressional session may, in fact, have been doctored, per Just the News.

This Should Scare Every American

During the last House session, the January 6 panel was involved with overseeing evidence, data, and other information involving the Capitol protests over two years ago.

Though so far, it’s looking like the January 6 committee actually tampered with evidence to make the protesters appear in an unfavorable light. This was allegedly done by adding audio to silent video footage showing Capitol police officers on duty.

Currently, it looks as though the audio added to this originally silent footage was dubbed from a separate recording. In light of this information, the public is rightfully asking questions and demanding accountability.

What Else Has Been Doctored?

If the January 6 committee managed to dub audio over silent video footage, it begs to question what other footage from January 6 may be potentially doctored.

Likewise, if more footage was doctored, then this also raises questions about whether certain individuals convicted for their role in the Capitol riots were convicted based on bad evidence.

On social media, Americans are understandably upset. Calls are also rising for lawmakers to answer for these latest allegations of tampered-with footage from the day of the protests.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.