New Bill Could See the End of the Democrats

In the event that a new Senate measure is approved and becomes legislation, the Democratic Party of Florida would cease to exist.

Is This the End for Democrats?

Senator Blaise Ingoglia, a Republican from Spring Hill, has introduced SB 1248, often known as “The Ultimate Cancel Act.”

The Florida Division of Elections would be instructed to immediately cancel the submissions of a political organization, including its verification and authorized status as a political party.

This is only if the organization’s platform has supported or advocated for things such as slavery or involuntary servitude at some point in the past. This piece of legislation does not specifically mention the Democrat Party; however, they would be affected by the bill.

As we all know, slavery was promoted by Southern Democrats during the Civil War. It was in fact the Republicans who fought against slavery and racism.

Democrats who are currently registered would be immediately re-registered as claiming no political allegiance or affiliation under the Bill. Members of the Democrat Party were permitted to reformat, but only with a significantly altered name.

Senator Ingoglia stated leftist or “woke” activists have been attempting to “cancel” persons and organizations for prior statements and actions for many years. This covers the taking down of monuments and statues, as well as the renaming of structures.

By this measure, it would be irresponsible to not also dissolve the Democrat Party. By their own standards, this would be not short of hypocritical if they didn’t dissolve the party. As previously stated, let us not forget which party was advocating for slavery.

In reaction, the Florida Democratic Party released a statement, saying trying to present a measure that would deny voting rights to five million people is both illegal and irresponsible.

They claimed rather than concentrating on the topics most important to Floridians, including reforming property insurance, tackling house prices, and battling climate change, Senator Ingoglia seems to be using his post under DeSantis to pursue proposals that are merely for public stunts.

Democrats Upset by Proposed Bill

The statement also said that Ron DeSantis and his supporters needed to figure out that the Democrat Party is not a banana republic, but is instead a Democratic Republic.

They said figuring this out would also benefit the people of Florida. We think the residents of Florida are happy with who they have elected.

Carlos Guillermo Smith, a veteran Democratic state representative, informed WESH that Republicans in Florida are broadening their censorship agenda and even considering dissolving the Democratic Party of Florida because they are very clearly on a power trip.

Florida residents are not paying close enough attention if they are not frightened by what the Republican leadership in Tallahassee is doing.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.