Nearly 60,000 More Illegal Immigrants are Rushing Towards the US

Panama’s Foreign Minister, Erika Mouynes, has warned the Biden administration that a new wave of almost 60,000 migrants is coming to the United States anytime soon. 

Panama’s Foreign Minister Warned Biden Against the Upcoming Danger

The Panama Foreign Minister broke the news to the secretary of US Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas during her recent visit to the United States. She claimed nearly 85,000 immigrants have crossed Panama since January 1.

Of them all, nearly 20,000 already reached the US border in Del Rio, which resulted in the recent surge at the US-Mexico border. GOP congressman Tony Gonzales commented that he met with the foreign minister who claimed some members with affiliations to the extremist group Al-Qaeda wanted to reach the US; however, they were arrested in Panama.

Gonzales further evinced that Panama’s foreign minister enlightened him with insights into her country’s efforts in tackling this recent immigration crisis. The lawmaker then advised President Biden to work with the foreign minister to avert the imminent disaster.

Likewise, Gonzalez claimed the foreign minister told him the number of illegal immigrants spotted in Panama has increased from 800 per month to 2,000 per month recently. This is one of the reasons why the US continues to see the constant inflow of illegal migrants.

The soft-heartened approach of Joe Biden towards these illegal groups is driving them to rush towards the US, as he promised open borders during his election campaign.

Biden Needs to Make a Border Policy by Incorporating Voices of Regional Countries

Mouynes’ claims have alarmed Biden. After all, he was still in shock over the recent episode of his administration’s failure to tackle the immigration crisis at the Del Rio-Texas border.

Most of the immigrants come to the US through the Darien gap, an area that provides feasible conditions to illegal immigrants without them getting arrested by the authorities.

The Pamana Foreign Minister then invited the United States administration to work together to handle this issue. She asked the Biden administration to formulate a policy by taking the regional countries on board.

She said we can’t turn a blind eye and we must admit these migrants are coming to the US. The Foreign Minister also claimed Panama advised every possible authority relevant to this immigration issue to foresee the imminent danger.

Most often, Panama is the first country that provides basic necessities to these immigrants, including medical care and food. That’s why the foreign minister claimed these people most often suffer from malnutrition when they come to Panama.

These 60,000+ immigrants are not the only ones wanting to reach the US. Currently, Columbia is also holding back almost 30,000 more illegal immigrants who want to cross into Panama and the United States.

However, the foreign minister claimed the country has become “frustrated” with this accumulation of illegal people on its borders.