National Archives Issues Demand to Former Presidents and VPs for Review

In a dramatic move, the National Archives has requested an unprecedented search of personal records from current and former presidents and vice presidents.

This is following revelations that classified documents were in the possession of both Joe Biden and Mike Pence. This investigation promises to be one for the history books.

Presidents, Vice Presidents Will be Investigated for Classified Documents

In a historical twist, the National Archives prompted presidents and vice presidents of the past six administrations to investigate their records for classified documents. This comes after confidential information was discovered in the hands of former Vice Presidents Joe Biden and Mike Pence.

Former Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton, along with former Vice Presidents Dick Cheney, Al Gore, and Dan Quayle have been asked by authorities to closely review their personal records for further investigation.

This high-level probe stirred up political tension in the US with some of its iconic public figures potentially under scrutiny.

In the wake of famous former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Herbert Walker Bush passing away, their administrations remain obligated to comply with a wide-reaching Presidential Records Act (PRA).

The National Archives recently announced this requirement in an open letter addressed to representatives of all subsequent presidential offices – from President Reagan’s administration onwards.

Not only does this mandate involve classified information, but also stipulates that any records belonging to these ex-presidents must be preserved by NARA regardless of their classification status.

National Archives Asked Members of the Biden Administration to Review Materials

In a recent letter, the National Archives has asked members of the administration to review materials held outside their offices for any potential records related to them which could be subject to Presidential Records Act regulations.

This assessment aims to determine if there are classified or unclassified documents they may have assumed were personal in nature that should comply with these laws instead.

After exiting the White House, four former presidents have handed over all vital documents to the National Archives.

Meanwhile, according to CNN’s report, Vice Presidents Cheney and Gore, as well as Quayle, submitted classified material which has been compiled in a secure database by government officials.

Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent silence on the Biden administration’s classified documents scandal has many political insiders speculating that she may be watching for an opportunity to make a bid for the presidency.

Republicans have particularly noticed this as they frame her suspicious behavior in light of potential ambitions to take over from Joe Biden.

Harris’ silence on the classified documents scandal that the Biden administration is facing has left the citizens wondering.

The White House declined to comment when asked for a statement from the vice president about her thoughts and perspectives on this developing story.

In a breach of transparency, reports show the White House and Justice Department suppressed scandalous news from reaching the public.

According to multiple leading outlets, this collusion was an effort to maintain their image, despite telltale signs pointing in another direction.