Nasty Turn of Events For Proud Boys Jailed For January 6

In the two years since January 6, 2021’s Capitol riot, individuals who engaged in the incident are facing serious legal charges.

Law enforcement has used video footage, social media posting, tips from others, bank statements, etc., to locate the various individuals who stormed the Capitol not long after the 2020 presidential election.

Various charges against these individuals routinely make the news, with Americans taking to social media to reveal their hot takes.

One group that’s been tied to the riots at the Capitol two years ago is the Proud Boys. However, Independent reports that a nasty incident recently transpired for one member of this militia group.

What Happened?

In jail, Barry Ramey, believed to be a Proud Boys member, was watching an episode of Tucker Carlson Tonight when other incarcerated individuals took issue with it. Ramey claims he and other suspected members of the militia group were confronted and told they couldn’t watch Tucker Carlson Tonight any longer.

Eventually, this led to a fight in which Ramey claimed someone stabbed his nose and another alleged Proud Boy had his shoulder dislocated in a fight. According to Ramey’s version of events, he and others who were watching Tucker Carlson Tonight were deemed as racists for doing so.

The man also claims the alleged rumors of racism spread throughout the jail and made them targets of other inmates. It remains to be seen if more fights will break out over January 6 rioters choosing to watch the Tucker Carlson Tonight show.

If fights of this nature keep breaking out, there is a very real possibility that those in charge of running the jail will step in to keep things from getting out of hand. So far, it is also not known why the alleged attackers of the Proud Boys are in jail themselves.

Nevertheless, it certainly would not be the first time a fight behind bars has broken out.

Why is Ramey in Jail?

In regards to January 6, 2021 and the aftermath, Ramey stands accused of threatening an FBI agent investigating the matter, along with attacking Capitol police officers with a dangerous spray that caused them vision problems and disorientation.

Ramey, along with other believed members of the Proud Boys, is facing various charges, including conspiracy, sedition, etc.

In the aftermath of the January 6 riots, many participants now assert they were misled, swindled, set up, or even manipulated by former President Trump. Nevertheless, the legal system is holding these individuals accountable for their own actions.

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