Nasty Drug-Filled Halloween Surprise Found in Smuggled Pumpkins

America’s drug crisis is extremely serious and a national emergency. Last year in 2021, the CDC estimates around 108,000 Americans died from drug overdoses.

These are horrifying numbers. Something needs to be done to tackle the addiction, mental illness, and family breakdown that’s feeding into drug abuse, not to mention the open borders.

A recent prime example of the problem of drug trafficking and our southern border occurred in the border hotspot of Eagle Pass, Texas.

Like many of us, residents are preparing for Halloween, but that took a very nasty turn for the worst in one recent case.

Meet the Meth Pumpkins

Most Halloween pumpkins are big orange things with gooey guts and seeds inside them. You scoop out the gunk and then carve them up with funny faces and put candles inside.

Whereas recent pumpkins seized several days ago at the US-Mexico border at Eagle Pass, Texas was anything but normal.

Instead of being filled with pumpkin guts, these big gords were full of hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of meth.

The four pumpkins seized at Eagle Pass had been carved out and filled with bags of liquid meth, specifically 44 pounds of it.

The drug-filled pumpkins were taken out of an SUV that tried to cross Eagle Pass with two individuals inside.

The Border Patrol agents who looked through the vehicle noticed the pumpkins in the back and, after examining them, were shocked to find condoms stuffed to the brim with potent meth liquid.

Happy Halloween

Border officer Elizabeth Garduno commented on the strange seizure, noting border officials constantly face drug shipments and strange incidents at the border. Thanks to the professionalism of these Border Patrol officers, this meth was seized.

They took the time and diligence, along with “interviewing skills” as Garduno noted, in order to figure out something was indeed fishy with the pumpkins in the back.

These traffickers thought they would sneak one by Border Patrol and pretend to just be very into the festive season. Instead, they got their butts busted and had $402,196 in liquid meth seized from their vehicle.

These attempted smugglers found out the hard way that US Customs and Border Patrol is not a collection of dummies who are there just to be bypassed and made fools of by cartels and deranged trafficking animals.

America is done with this evil. We won’t keep allowing cartels to profit off the backs of human misery and migrants while simultaneously smuggling in dangerous drugs, illegal weapons, and slaves to the United States.

These evil beasts have no right to anything in this country. Trying to take drugs like meth into the United States of America should sound all alarms possible about protecting our southern border.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.